To Be Whole Again

Charmed Chaos

Image by Peter Dargatz from Pixabay

“Energy and motion made visible- memories arrested in space.”- Jackson Pollack

Memories arrested in space, 
Suspended in mid air like a flighty dandelion seed 
With no where to land waiting for the moment 
When energy and motion is visible to the naked eye
And finally at last lands at my awkward feet 
Wanting me to notice it’s intricate beauty 
The fine brush strokes of every wisp, 
A perfect aerodynamic creation 
Of memories and wishes arrested in space
If memories arrested in space exist
Do the emotions, the energy and motion
That comes from memories still burning
In my questioning soul at rest in timeless space
–Are they waiting with patience to be whole again?

Author’s Note:This is a Pollock poetry form. The Pollock is a rather obscure and fairly eccentric poetry form invented by poet and art critic John Yau to pay tribute…

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