By Nichole Sulpizio And Charles Robert Lindholm

He Brought Her
A Tasty Dream Treat,
Strawberries And Whip Cream
And Then Held One
On The Tip Of Her Tongue
And Watched Her
Slowly Savor It,
Teasing Him With
Her Tongue
And Her Eyes

Perfectly Delicious,
Fluffy Cream
A Big Juicy Berry
With A Sweet Flavorful Taste
Better Than Candy

Swirling The Flavor
Around In Her Mouth
With A Sensual Delight

Taking A Berry
Off Of The Tray
And Covering It
All In Whipped Cream

She Said, “This Is For You”
As She Placed It Gently
Between Her Teeth
And Lips With A Smile

As All The While
She Locked Her Eyes
On His Eyes
And Held
The Stare
As She Moved
Her Mouth
To His Lips
In A Primal
Offer Of Food,
A Sign Of Love
And Affection

He Moved Forward
To Accept The Berry
Intending To Take
A Tiny Bite
When She Surprised Him
By Pushing Forward
For A Strawberry
And Whipped Cream
Kiss Between Them

He Wrapped His Arms
Around Her Tightly
As She Held His Face
In Her Hands
As Two Tongues
Pushed And Played
With A Strawberry
And Whipped Cream Treat
Until It Was Consumed,
But Left Lips
And Mouths
And Bodies
And Wanting

For Some
Afternoon Delight,
Some Tickling
And Playful Teasing,
Unwrapping Each Other
Made Their Hearts
Start Pounding,
And Their Bodies Ache
As They Rushed
Into Oneness
And The Sweetness
Of Bliss

Afternoon Delight,
Strawberries And Whipped Cream
And Each Other,
Their New Favorite

Copyright © 2020 Nichole Sulpizio And Charles Robert Lindholm
All Rights Reserved – 05-22-2020 – 10:30 P.M.

Broken beauty — Forty Something Life As We Know It

Penny Wilson Writes

REBLOG: Please read this important piece.  ❤

As a Forty Plusser I could and probably would never ever figure out why women stay in abusive relationships. What is it with us woman??! Why do women keep up with this shit? Are we genetically wired to always hope for the best? I don’t even have the slightest answer! Growing up with an alcoholic father, I […]

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The 2020 Daily Writing Challenge – May 24

Jo Hawk

2020 Daily Writing Challenge

Writing is like driving at night in the fog.
You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.
– E. L. Doctorow

Today is Day 145 of the 2020 Daily Writing Challenge.

Did you write yesterday?  We get knocked down sometimes. Current events have done an excellent job of destroying normal. There is a silver lining. These times have granted us an opportunity to reexamine life, priorities, and what happiness really means.  I am determined, and I refuse to stay stuck in a mess. Today, I stand up, regroup, reset my intentions, and recommit to attaining my dreams.

An ongoing topic of exploration is Cal Newport’s concept of deep work, “the ability to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task.” Newport advocates approaching and completing challenging tasks by eliminating distractions, committing to block scheduling, and adhering to your intentions.

What are…

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I’m Not Laughing at My Mistake – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


I made a horrible mistake. Saying I dislike shopping is an understatement. The past months have done nothing to increase my enjoyment of the process. My reluctant trips for necessities don’t register on my bucket list. I delay them, waiting until they attain dire importance status. Then, I prepare my list, gather my mask, gloves, and hand sanitizer before heading out.

My grocery list is organized to follow the layout of a favorite familiar store. The produce section is my first stop where I make careful selections. I move quickly since I want to minimize the total time spent in the shop. I navigate one-way aisles, fill my cart, avoid close contact with other shoppers, and proceed to the checkout line.

The fun doesn’t end when I get my packages home, as I place the purchases in quarantine, just in case. The most important reason for my trip was to restock my dwindling…

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Back To You

Sarah Doughty

“Because, darling, I’ll make my way back to you.
If it’s the last thing I do, I’ll find a way.”

Maybe this is how it’s all supposed to be. If you believe in fate, that is. I got lost inside myself. Trapped in a prison within my head. Thoughts never ending. Never slowing down. Never allowing me to be who I am. But I’m determined. Can you see it? This determination in my eyes? If we are meant to be, we will be again. I have to believe that. And I hope you’ll still be there, waiting for me. Because, darling, I’ll make my way back to you. If it’s the last thing I do, I’ll find a way back to you.

© Sarah Doughty

Wait for me, please.
I’m coming.

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