Broken Heart Strings ~ #poetry #RomanticTuesday

Come listen to these beautiful words sing in your heart!

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

I hear your sounds, in the silence of the night

The wee hours call to me, your song, so right

The one you played incessantly, day after day

The one I played, to comfort me, when you went away

This memory I have of you, sings forever, in my heart

It lets me keep you close to me, now that we’re apart

Until the day, we meet again, your song shall ever play

Upon my broken heart strings, there, is where they’ll stay

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0

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The Wind

Do not miss Angela’s beautiful piece on “The Wind”, trees and life!

Heart Breathings

I cannot control the wind
or it’s constant metamorphose,
I listen to the rustling of the leaves,
and watch the tree tops sway,
I feel it’s force against my cheeks
as my heels dig into the ground

I fight achingly against each sudden surge,
and lean in with all my might,
while it gainfully gusts,
and steadily swirls,
any way it chooses,
with no conscience, no regret

until I’m left squarely standing,
slightly swaying like the tops of trees,
I close my eyes, feet firmly planted,
listening to more than the leaves

I hear my inner voice, shouting,
‘I have not acquiesced’

for, I know,
I cannot control the wind,
nor can it control me

-Image credit, a beautiful piece of art!; reworking of an older poem, one of my favorites

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Have you had a proper “Burial” for your unfulfilled dreams?


This is not a dirge for my shattered dreams,

Nor a lament for my unrealised wishes,

I just want to finally bury, my callow fantasies,

That spurred me on my onward journey.

Youth painted a spangled vision

With warm and vibrant hues.

Reality dulled the colours and the spangles proved tacky,

Dashing to smithereens some of my hopes.

Heartbroken and at times teary-eyed,

I gathered all the broken shards

And kept them in safekeeping

As mementos of my youthful past,

Of innocence lost and

Of hard knocks life mete out to me.

I don’t rue the unfulfilled dreams

For not all dreams can come true,

But it crushed my idealism, romanticism and my naivety,

That was the bedrock of all my aspirations.

I am older now and hopefully wiser,

I realise the futility of carrying this burden.

So, I have decided to give a decent burial

To dreams that could…

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SLEEP OVER by Jeff Callaway (Texas Outlaw Poet)

Ahh, the sleep over!!!


SLEEP OVER by Jeff Callaway
she finally asked me
into her life
if only for one night
and little did we know
the time had come
it was for the rest of
our lives
like a common ground
where our two loving worlds collide
for I’ve come to understand
the girl
with the most amazing
gorgeous green eyes
I’ve ever seen
and I’m not afraid
to take a chance on love
or to care
or to dare to dream
I’ve lived long enough
I’ve lived hard enough
in this life
to appreciate
the finer things
like poetry and hard work
the woman I love
who truly loves me
and I’ll always remember
the first time that she said
would you like to spend the night
with me please
and come into my home
to drink
to eat or sleep
to satisfy
to hallucinate
to her hypnotize
her lips have eyes

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