The First Baby Step of The Reluctant Poet

Charles Robert Lindholm – The Reluctant Poet

The sad truth is that we don’t always make the right choices or do what we know is best for us!  I think we can all “True that”.  There are too many examples in our own lives and all around us.  We know, deep in our hearts what the right choices were or are and yet so often it hasn’t mattered.

With a flippant disregard for the truth and the facts or a serious and profound contemplation of the consequences and devastation that may ensue, we still make choices that haven’t been the best for us.

Some, but not many were for the betterment of others.  A knowing sacrifice, a kind gesture or other noble and loving motivation may cause us to choose against our own self interest.  Those times in life can be the best in our lifetime.  But honestly, most times, well you know!  We could have or should have made a different choice.

Sometimes we look back and wonder, “how did I end up here, in this situation?”  Continue reading