Come read this beautiful poem – “Eclipse” about the eclipse and love.

The Ink Owl

“Come,” he said, “let’s witness love in the heavens.”

His words captured me held me hostage under a sun-filled sky.

Side-by-side, hand-in-hand, we watched in awe.

Celestial lovers moving slowly to embrace.

A union between day and night.

A kiss not to be forgotten.

Each sharing the beauty of their power.

There were no words exchanged, just his breath on her face.

The beating of their hearts,

While Venus shown in celebration.

With our faces turned heavenward, our breath taken away,

We had no words sufficient to exclaim our wonder.

Silent we were

as the wind blew softly.

Then lovers parted moving slowly, longing for their next embrace.

Not until then did he whisper softly,

Did you not know that’s how stars are born?

And as he held me close,

my heart knew what love was.

-Diane, Nana to some.

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​Pretty Lady

Come read Frank’s beautiful piece “Pretty Lady” on long lasting love!

Frank Solanki

My life hasn’t been great, nothing much to talk about

A lot of people came in and each one walked out

Happiness was temporary, hurt was permanent

Everything was ruined by the past and the present

But all that seemed to change when I set my sight

Upon that pretty lady who smiles so bright

I knew when you talked to me and held my hand

We’ll always be together just as God has planned

After all this time that we’ve spent together

I still find you beautiful more than any other

Just like the day when we first met

Yes, the day that I will never forget

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