Happy First’s ~ August is Six Months ~ Poetry

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Happy First’s ~ August is Six Months of Wednesday Whims of Poetry!

It’s my six-month anniversary of “Poetry-First’s,” meaning six months ago I began dedicating the first Sunday of every month to my poetry page at this same Steps in Between site. The page is entitled, Wednesday Whims of Poetry. Since I don’t post each poem as an official blog-post, then once a month I like to pull your attention away from my Sunday writing-journey to the page. This way you can start at the top and scroll down a few poems to find (hopefully) a range of my work.

Wednesday Whims of Poetry: https://stepsinbetween.com/poetry/

A few goals for my Wednesday poems are to stretch myself and try new forms, thoughts, and passions. I invite my Facebook followers each week but hate inundating blog-follower emails with multiple messages. So, aside from my weekly Sunday articles, I use the first…

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Barefoot dreams..


Barefoot dreams

A Story by Coyote Poetry
"Good places and friends make distance places good dreams in old age."   

  Barefoot dreams

I met the Sergeant Major nightly at the Bowling alley, dance club and bar at Seaside. He was forced retired and slowly dying. You would never know it. He maintained his Texas smile and drank the pain away with the whiskey. He wouldn’t take the pain medicine given to him by the V.A. He told me. Make him numb, dumb  and tire. His kidney and liver was gone. I knew him for three years since I came to Fort Ord. California. He was a Korean war and Vietnam vet. He saw me walk-in and waved me over. He had two young woman with him. He was famous for drinking and having money to spend. Sergeant Major told them. This is a real war hero. He takes care…

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[287] Avoiding The Truth – Smoke Words Every Day

I operate in unwritten words The silences the glitter and the bursts The moment before the click The dawn before it tricks night into losing the battle of sight I operate in the ashes of the cigarette that hurt the knuckle of her hands The gentle desperation of solitude that a thud of the door […]

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