He Showed Me the Way…

Please Welcome Cyranny and the wonderful piece “He Showed Me The Way”. Take the journey on the Way To His Heart!

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Cyranny's cove


If only, I knew
the way to his heart
I’d pack my bags thus
taking the necessities
to complete my journey
towards him,

Taking care, caressing his memory,
making sure that his thirst was quenched
with the waters of my love,

The utensils
for the greatest meal, satisfying his hunger
his longing, his need for my touch, my closeness
the satisfaction of our dining together,
the fullness of each others eyes,
the pangs of wanting, tenderness,
feeding his desire

He showed me the way
the pathways to his heart
the side roads, detours, excuses for reaching
the end of the journey,

The way, wanting it to be known
but as yet, shrouded in mystery
the disillusionment of his past loves
the uncertainty of the future
what the present really offered
and by whom

I took it upon myself
to make this journey, alone
with only my thoughts, needs, want

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Heart of time

Please enjoy “Heart of Time” from TheDarkestFairytale. Learn what happens “When Souls Merge”.

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The Darkest Fairytale

Let’s dance together
One last night,
I’ll follow your rhythm
As you hold me tight.
I’ll take in your scent
As I feel you breathe,
We’ll sway into the night
Before I have to leave.
Our hearts will beat
In tune together,
When souls merge
We’ll dance forever.
If we don’t meet again
That would be fine,
Memories will freeze
In the heart of time.


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By Charles Robert Lindholm

I have heard so much about You
that should make me stay away from You
but I just couldn’t help myself
I got to close and the mere scent of You enchanted me

I looked at You and I couldn’t look away
I could see all of You right before my eyes
Tempting me with all the things You are
You offered me a single kiss and I was addicted to You  Continue reading


Please come visit the Go Dog Go Cafe and our latest visitor – Linda Lee Lyberg as she is introduced around the Cafe. Please stop by the Cafe and check out the Baristas and the Poetic version of Cheers!!

Go Dog Go Café

Hi Everybody,

Another Great Day at the Go Dog Go Cafe!  Today I’d like to introduce You to My Friend, Linda Lee Lyberg!  Some of You may already know Linda from her blog, charmedchaos.com.  Linda left a successful lifelong career to pursue her love of writing and lives in the greater Phoenix area in Arizona, USA.

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What I’ve Become

Please welcome Holly of houseofheartweb and her poem “What I’ve Become”, please enjoy the wonderfully slow and sensuous journey to an ending that defines “obession”.

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House of Heart

You are my obsession,

undulating waves of fixation

that can’t be restrained.

What I know of you

I have learned through osmosis,

the taste of ozone I  crave

like breathing air.

It is always raining here.

I am nothing more than precipitation

slipping down the surface of

your skin.

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