An angel

Please Welcome Jyotee of Isolated_Girl. Today we have her poem “An Angel”. A beautiful description and definition of an Angel. Please read this and enjoy and visit her blog.

Life is all about PAIN

Each night she sleeps
With a wish to wake up
As an angel

An angel who is kind
An angel who helps
An angel who smiles
An angel who heals

She wakes up in the morning
Not as an angel but only human
No, she wasnt an angel

She had no wings
She had no magic
She knew no chants
She had no divine powers

There she stood
Infront of the mirror
Her image smiled
Just with her one smile !

Oh wow!
She was an angel…

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Silent hug

Please Welcome Didi of Didi’s Art Design! Today we will be reading “Silent Hug”, her beautiful portrait of the wind, memories and warm hugs from heart to heart!! Please enjoy and visit Didi’s blog and her other wonderful works!

Didis Art Design

Silent hug

Feel the beat
In your heart
Dance in silence
Off the mind noise
Connecting light
Pulse of life
In the change
With the wind
Blowing time
Leaving memories
On dersert sand
Traces intact
Of love and light
Warm hugs
From heart to heart

DidiArtist, 05.04.2017

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Air Mail

Please Welcome Linda of The Darkside Of The Moon! Linda is sharing the longings of the Long Distance Lover and the ever present desire to have Your Beloved with You instead of so far, far away. Please enjoy her “Air Mail”, the only kiss possible! Please check out Linda’s other really great works on her blog!

Dark Side of the Moon

Crescent MoonSurrounded by majestic mountains
Newly shrouded in night
Their silhouettes barely visible
Beneath a crescent moon
I stand by the porch rail
And gaze up at the sea
Of stars in blackened sky
Wishing with all my heart
That you could be there
Standing beside me

Your arm steals around me
Nesting comfortably in the small of my back
Your warm hand on my hip
Holds me close
Mine imitates yours and then
My head takes its rest
Upon your shoulder
As my ear attunes itself
To the rhythmic patter of your heart
Beating in sync with mine

You turn your gaze toward another sparkle
Two blue stars in a constellation
That shines for you alone
Red lips part longingly
And just before they touch
The vision fades
And I am forced
To send my kiss into the air
Trusting that it will find its way to you
And you…

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