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#FridayFantasy . . . Trees in Autumn



    Trees In Autumn

    THE poets have made Autumn sorrowful;
    I find her joyous, radiant, serene.
    Her pomp is hung in a deep azure sky
    That turns about the world by day and night,
    Nor loses its bright charm.
    And when the trees resign their foliage,
    Loosing their leaves upon the cradling air
    As liberally as if they ne’er had owned them,—
    They show the richer for the nakedness
    That weds them with the clarity of heav’n.

    By John Jay Chapman

    Artist Olga Kvasha

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          took the place of memory ~


          were it mine
          to offer
          a future undefined
          to ease the edges
          of your night
          had I wings
          the ancient kind
          to spread across the skies
          might I hold you
          captive then –
          bound by this

          were it now
          a life resumed –
          come to steal my sleep
          took the place
          of memory –
          burned within a dream
          were we more
          than once declared
          a sigh beneath the timbers
          arms still ache
          with missing
          my heart
          was yours –

          . . .

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          scarlet thread ~


          how many lives
          were paid for this –
          by chance
          we love again
          broken in the middle
          but stitched across the brow
          linked by fates
          a scarlet thread
          arms that hold you
          how many mornings
          how many times returned
          a place that bears
          an imprint of our love
          how I whispered –
          with ne’er a thought
          to leave
          weakened by the way
          you said my name
          eternity can never
          be enough

          . . .

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