pieces of my heart #2

Come read one of the most exquisite and elegant pieces on the eloquence of silence in a time of grief and sorrow and the blessing and joy of being able to just be held in the arms of the one you love!!


And as I cry you know words won’t help
So you cry with me and we fall asleep
Wet from tears
Tired from pain
Numb from grief
And as I wake and want to cry some more
You wake too and hold me and with no words
Say so much more

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The ENFP Personality Type

“The ENFP Personality Type”. This is a great read on the Myers-Briggs ENFP personality type. See if this fit you as a writer? You might be surprised???


enfpThe idea generating popcorn machine that is the ENFP. They are very bright individuals who are frighteningly alert of all of the possibilities in the external world. This is because of their dominant function – Extraverted Intuition (Ne).

This intuition of theirs is able to see possibilities in whatever they perceive. Anything that goes through their 5 senses is filtered by their Ne. Soon enough, the popcorn machine starts popping. Ideas can seemingly come out of no where, but they are usually inspired by something they have already seen, heard, or experienced.

This ability to take in something and then generate new possibilities and ideas is highly sought after in the business/entrepreneurial world.

For example, they can take 3 already established ideas, analyze them, then seemingly make a connection between all 3 that no one else could notice. Then they can come up with a brand new idea that takes the possibilities to…

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