By Charles Robert Lindholm

I’ve Tried To Forget
All About You
But It Seems The Memories
We Made Together
Are Like The Match
You Can’t Blow Out Continue reading




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Haibun Monday – handwriting

Come enjoy this beautiful post!


Welcome to Haibun Monday! Over at d’Verse Poets Pub Kim is tending bar with lots of hot drinks and we are pouring over handwriting. Kim says some very thought provoking things about handwriting, here’s a snippet……”It is said that you can tell a lot about a person from their handwriting; we each have our own unique style, even identical twins. A person’s handwriting is similar to their fingerprints: people might be able to copy it, but never in an identical way. Our handwriting is influenced by the place where we grew up and the first language we learned, together with the way we hold a pen, the pressure to paper and ways of shaping letters and words.” ……Read the rest at d’Verse and look at the handwriting samples she has posted for us as inspiration.

Today I’d like to write about my late father’s writing and how it influenced…

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10 Ways to Instill the Love of Reading in Your Child

Give your child a love of reading and make school easier for them.

Rosco's Reading Room

From the time my children were toddlers, every other week or more we’d go to the library and max out our cards. I’d carry a large mesh bag in and load it up with a huge stack of board books and picture books (and later chapter books and early readers and so on). We’d read four every night before bed (not always on weekends), taking turns, page by page, on who got to read once they’d graduated to that level. The three of us absolutely loved this special time together (sometimes with Dad instead of with Mom) and rarely skipped it. Today, they are A students in upper elementary and high school. While I certainly can’t take all of the credit for their grades, (not even close!) I have to believe that some of their ability to excel in school, as well as their love of learning, has to do…

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