Don’t Cry About It

Allison Marie Conway

He lights my cigarette as we stand beneath the white glow of a late autumn moon. The night is otherwise dark and quiet except for our breathing and the scratch of our boots against the pavement as we walk. We are at that point where you think you know everything about each other but you can still spend hours chatting and goofing around like we did at the beginning. It doesn’t make sense to the rest of the world that two people could stick it out so long and sometimes it doesn’t even make sense to us but here we are strolling home merrily intoxicated and just high enough as the tiny stars flare up above, watching us make our way across the deserted overpass. If someone would have told me long ago that this would be the way my life went I wouldn’t have believed them. But then again…

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Idyllic places and time…


Idyllic place and time

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"We need beautiful beautiful places and beautiful faces"       

                   Idyllic places and time….

The storyteller told the writers. We shall learn that life is Summer and Winter. Spring and Fall. We will know sweetness and we shall know sadness. We will be reborn and we shall die.

Love is the medicine to cure us. We need beautiful places, tender caress of gentle hands and someone, who will listen to our dreams and wishes.

The idyllic places can be simple. Could be dancing with the sea, sitting on a hill watching the sun rise or fall. Could be a pretty face making you feel needed and wanted.

A poem to share.

      Dear Nicole…

I loved your face and I loved the sound…

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We shall fall and rise…


We shall fall and rise


I listened to you, you are so damn pretty and you carry a heavy heart. I made you laugh and I told you. Naked heart and too much drink, weave us into a confused mess. Pretty lady, slow down, gather your life. We shall fall and rise. Life is a fine teacher, break us, make us become who we suppose to be.
I was adrift in her eyes and she knew. We were cigarettes, hard drink and desperate nights. We accepted token kisses and languished in woven dreams. We crashed and burn in a Austin, Texas motel. She told me often, Dear poet, we are sometime lovers, sometime friends. You are the steady ground I need when I can’t face the night. I whispered to her. We are vagabonds seeking too little, too much. We dressed-up love, we stripped to bare skin and we…

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A question of conscience

Come Read This!!!

Didi's Art Design

Is it you who contributes to the chaos in the world?

Who rashly takes sides
Who is easily influenced
Who hides responsibility behind bogus reasons
Who spreads disinformation in the society
Who fanatically clings to baseless ideas
Who thinks that his intentions are good and positive
Who does not admit his mistake, does not see it
Who sows disharmony around himself
Who carries violence in his thoughts
Who is not honest with himself
Who denies himself to these question

Who lacks the power of discrimination, the inner voice?

DidiArtist, 05.12.2021

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Sunday Poser # 57

Tell Us Your Story!!!!

Keep it alive

Welcome back to another Sunday Poser

We have a whole galaxy of blog titles. Some are simplynamed after the blogger and others hold an aura of mystery. Sometimes we don’t even know the name or handle of the blogger and have no way of addressing them by name unless we want to call them by their blog name!

My blog is called, “Keep it alive” and my blogging moniker is Sadje. Though Sadje is not my real name, it’s close to my real name and gives something to others to address me by.

I titled my blog Keep it alive because I had seen too many women of my age , empty nesters who weren’t doing much with their lives. Just existing, not living with gusto. I wanted to inspire them to live fully, and hence the name.

This is the story behind my blog name/ title…

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