How I Broke Into the Traditional Publishing World as an Indie Author – Writer’s Digest

Learn the process indie author Amanda Aksel went through in getting her novel Delia Suits Up traditionally published, including questions she asked herself and weighing one strategy against the other.

Source: How I Broke Into the Traditional Publishing World as an Indie Author – Writer’s Digest

Slept In On Sunday

Allison Marie Conway

The rich get richer and the pretty die young but this is the way of things and so be it. It’s nothing to me because all I have is now and now is tucked safely under my elegant wings. He pleasures me so deeply I moan and weep and beg before I reach the outer limits of the perceptible universe and then roll on over to the sunny side of the bed.

There is nothing he would not do for me and nothing I don’t request. There are stars in my eyes and stars blinking all around on the sweet soft song of morning as it bounces and reflects all over itself in an ecstatic dance with all of the beauty ever expressed since the first lovers ever knew the aching gravity in the heat of their forbidden touch.

It is nearly autumn and the changing colors of my heart…

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The Heat of the Dark

Allison Marie Conway

Sitting in the garden, I light up a cigarette from my secret stash. It’s been a day and it’s not even midweek but there’s nothing new under the sun if you just keep telling yourself there isn’t.

I flick the ash into the dirt and notice how many brown dry leaves have already fallen from the maple trees which stand tall in a circle and tower over the roof. You don’t really notice the passing of time until you see it collected at the foot of another living thing. On the air is the scent of coming rain, eager earth and damp roots, waiting, panting with their blind naked tongues.

In my mind is a poem I am afraid to write. It’s funny how you can write all your life, every single day without missing a beat, and still come up desperately short when you least expect it. Writing is…

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All That Waits for You

Allison Marie Conway

The rush of traffic far off on the distant highway sounds a little like waves in the ocean and as I sip coffee and listen, my mind drifts to memories of a summer long gone. Young love and young bodies, new hearts and fresh born fantasies. The way a kiss could send your pulse racing right out of your skin and into the weightlessness beyond the atmosphere, beating like a glimmering star high above the earth.

To imagine it ever was is a trick of the brain and a blink of an eye against the culmination of time which is etched beneath the skin like rings in a tree trunk circle and circle the veins.

As I stroll around an elegantly high-soaring fountain which is nestled into the side of a lush green hill, I try my best to empty my thoughts and take in the scenery. Not a single…

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Are You Using This Little Known About Block That Helps Promote Your Blog?

Hugh's Views & News  

Of all the blogs I follow, I’ve never, as yet, seen them using the block I’m promoting today. I wonder if you’ve used it?

Once I tell you about this block, when it comes to showcasing some of the least visited parts of your blog, you’ll be wanting to use it too. I’ll certainly be using it a lot more to help promote some of the parts of my blog that seldom receive visitors.

Banner for the blog post Are You Using This Little Known About Block That Helps Promote Your Blog?
Have you discovered the Pages list block?

Do you feel sorry for the ‘pages’ on your blog?

If you’re unsure what I’m talking about, I’m talking about the pages you’ve created that sit behind the scenes of every blog. Blog posts are the performers, whereas blog pages are the behind the scenes folk.

What’s the difference between a blog page and a blog post?

Posts are entries listed on your blog in reverse chronological order. Think…

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Sanctuaries of the sweet kiss and the embrace…


Sanctuaries of the sweet kiss and the embrace…

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Best days of a life. When love is being born. "          

                     Sanctuaries of the sweet kiss and embrace…..

My beautiful enchantress. It is a moonless night.
The gentle lights of the soft candles allowed my eyes to be entrapped
in the view of your womanly curves.

You entice me with a smile and a whisper “Come near my Johnnie.”
You watch my face blush overwhelm by the sacred sight of a amourous maiden.

I hesitate knowing to harvest the vision of tender feet, long legs, soft breast and beautiful face.
Your laughing eyes blue eyes make me smile. A woman know to make a man wait. A wise man
know to seize the moment.

To ensure to travel the soft and tender skin of a maiden slow and easy. Learning and knowing every curve and mark…

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Blue eyed girl…



The blue eyed girl

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"A old poem with a rewrite from 1992. I found a book with loads of unpublished poetry. From 20 years ago. I was free and mad. I wish I had some of the madness today."

The blue eyed girl….

“When you got nothing to lose.
Can’t fall too far my friends.”
I told a group of Poets outside the Monterey book store.

A blue eyed girl with hair of auburn stood her ground.
Told me. Ain’t over till the Devil open the door to hell for you.

She took my hand and we wandered to the wine and beer store.
Bought some good Canadian beer and whiskey.
She was dressed in a long colorful summer dress. Allowing her tan shoulders
to be seen and appreciated.

She looked into my eyes and whispered. The night is long. The star are bright. Time…

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Broken promises and forgotten places…


Broken promises and forgotten places

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"A wise man accept responsibility for his actions." 

                                   Broken promises and lost places…

I remembered we had dreams of being barefoot in wildflowers fields and love was to be forever.
I could sit and gaze at you for hours. Watch you plant your herbal garden.
I loved seeing the pride in your eyes when life was born out of dirt and hard work.

We would lay nude on our soft bed surrounded by thick blankets till late afternoons on Saturday and Sunday.
We tried to keep the world at bay.
You told me I was your savior and you were my princess.

I would write poetry and story by the small lake. You would study and peek at my words.
I remember your questions. “Johnnie, what are the paradox of being alive. Are we just wasting air and…

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Mystical places…


Mystical places

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"First love, first real kiss and the first true words of love become mystical places where we can find in sweet dreams forever."         

                      Mystical places…..

Many types of keepsakes my friend.
There are tattoos upon skin to remind us of places, wars and faces.
There are scars from battles won and lost.
Then there is sweet faces of woman we had loved and held.

Whiskey, gin and rum can make us forget for a time.
But those kind memories where beautiful woman laid naken in sheet of silk and cotton.
Waiting for you with welcoming smiles.
When men fall into the softness of the bosom of the kind woman.
The mystical place of the tender skin, sweet kisses and warm places. Leave the man yearning for more.

Adoring glances lead to places of splendor.
True lover dance many slow dances and…

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