Even In This Fierce Place – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


Photo: Old Southbourne Farm, Bakers Hill

“When the wind blows the grass bends.” Confucius

Even In this Fierce Place 

I love the way the wind brushes the dry grass,
and when I tread its tired winter youth
it crackles like a fire, sending shards into the air,
and not to wanting to be forgotten, it gifts me
with burs and seeds to adorn my socks at once
firmly attached for immortality, that cycle of
life where it dies, yet it lives again, even in 
this fierce place of parched soil, and I take
heart that shall rise again like a phoenix
from the ash of this desiccated season.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

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I Am Blessed

A Great Post – Walt

Walt's Writings

I Am Blessed

I am truly blessed
I have a beautiful loving wife
three sons
two lovely daughters-in-law
and three terrific grandsons

a home for shelter
and food to eat
my health is pretty good
my heart is strong
and my COPD is under control

I have 9 dogs and a palomino quarter horse
all who love me unconditionally
the dogs can sense when I’m feeling down
and lay their head in my lap and lick my hand
their way of saying, “I love you Dad”

My mind is still sharp and I can still create
and write my poetry
my eyesight is good (with glasses)
and my new hearing amplifiers
let me hear my music better than I have in years

I have lived for 76 years
life is good
and I am blessed

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2020 All Rights Reserved

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Childhood Memories

Walt's Writings

Childhood Memories

A light snow was softly falling
he stuck his tongue out
trying to catch a snowflake
he was reminded of his childhood
building snowmen
ice skating on the pond
sleigh riding on the hill
down to the river
those were good days
good times with good friends

but time progressed and he grew up
catching snowflakes on his tongue
had become a thing of the past
the pond had dried up years ago
his sled stood in a corner of the garage
covered in cobwebs

his life was filled with meetings,
business trips and sleepless nights
he is a husband, a father,
a grandfather and an uncle
his job is to provide for,
take care of and protect
his wife and children

he misses his carefree childhood days
but he smiles as he watches his grandchildren
play in the snow, trying to catch
snowflakes on their tongues

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#SoCS Dec. 5/2020 – List

But I Smile Anyway...

Linda’s #SoCS Prompt:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “list.” Make or talk about a list. Enjoy!


Time to talk lists.

I’m a Virgo, I love lists.

Lists help me get through all sorts of situations from work-related issues and to-do jobs, and home ones too, like shopping lists, or packing lists for when we go away.

But my biggest, constant list is my TBR (To Be Read) list.

I have less unread physical books, so my ones to read are in a bag, usually by my bedside, but currently at my inlaws house, as we pack bits and bobs up ready for whenever that dream house comes along. That’s my TBR pile.

My list, and I have a proper list written out, (or typed, actually) of my e-books currently on my Kindle, is LOOOOONG!

It’s got the ARCS from…

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Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 300 – Tercentenary!

Come and celebrate with Ritu and Spidey for their 300th post!! Yeah!!!
Congratulations, Ritu 😁😁✨✨

But I Smile Anyway...

Thank you for sticking with Spidey and me for the last 300 (ish) weeks!

Ritu Bhathal


Spidey. You and me for 300 weekly posts. That is kind of mind blowing, isn’t it?

I thought, this week, we would just go back to the origins of Spidey’s Serene Sundays, especially for all you newer followers!

Way back when… 300 ish weeks ago, I was relatively new to blogging. I had fallen into this blogisphere, to be honest, and I had no clue about what to write. I used to post randomly. There was an awful lot of stream of consciousness posts, though I wasn’t aware that was their name. And I’d post random stuff. Silly pics, anecdotes, my thoughts.

No rhyme, nor reason.

One Sunday morning, I went to visit the bathroom, as you do, and I was greeted with the sight of Spidey, as above, sitting on the bathroom…

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