A Heart For A Home

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Heartstring Eulogies

“You made a home in my heart
before I even knew you were there.”

You picked the lock into my heart and I didn’t even know you were there until you were already inside. I wasn’t sure what to think of that. Surely I didn’t open the door. At least, not intentionally. But could I really call you an intruder? Did I really want you to pick up all the things I’d already admitted I adored about you? Did I really want you to take every piece of you and walk out that door as if you’d never entered?

I’d much rather spend whatever time we have together than send you on your way and feel the hole in my chest you’d be leaving behind.

© Sarah Doughty

So, please tell me you’ll stay.

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bubbles of love

The Lonely Author

I would like to dedicate this to my muse, if I had one, but I don’t.  So, I won’t.   (Wink Wink)

bubbles of love

Soaking in an effervescent tub
of your warm poetry
tiny inspirations
burst all around me
Sparkling suds of passion
cleanse my soul
of the unsightly stains
of dirty lovers
and tainted memories
For you are the nymphet
of my passions
a sensual siren of sonnets
The warm bath
that never goes cold
Now I find myself
submerged in your verses
blissfully drowning
in the fountain
of your never ending
bubbles of love

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By Charles Robert Lindholm

Since School Is Back In Session
And I Never Got To Play Hooky
Way Back When
It Seems The Idea Of It
Makes Me Feel Happy
(Some Call It A Vacation
But I Like The Rebel Sound
Of “Hooky” Instead)

I Will Be In A Cabin
On The Big Blue Desert
In Search Of The Midnight Sun
And Some Additional Fun

I Hope You Will Miss Me
While I’m Gone???
It Won’t Be Too Long!!

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

I Will Not Be Active On My Blog From 9.8.2018 Thru 9.16.2018 But Please Don’t Stay Away!!!  Come Explore My Archives While I’m Gone?

Maybe You Will Stumble Across A Few Things You Will Enjoy???
I Will Answer Comments Upon My Return!