The writer.


She spits fire through her words.
Her soul is burning with stories of hurt.
She pens them down one by one,
Taking the blood as her ink.
The judgemental stares,
And the unjust allegations
Fuel the fire of her thoughts.
Looking into her deep eyes,
You may see the magma bubbling deep red.

© 2020 Muskan Sharma | All rights reserved.

Okay readers i am really not able to write a lot these days. Somewhat due to the work and also because this blank void kinda thing in my head, just can’t get anything good to pen down. So yeah the frequency of my posts might be a bit low nowadays ( not zero) but i hope this phase ends soon. Stay connected.

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Somebody Tell Me How


I keep thinking about it
asking myself what it all meant—
all that time,
that waiting for him,
all that investment,
all that believing I could believe him—
I believed him
when he said what he said—
when he said he had always loved me.
What lesson is mine?
What have I learned?
How have I grown?
What is the takeaway here?
How do I find the peace he wished me
when he’s done everything in his power
to withhold peace from me
by telling me, yes,
he ever told me was true—
no, he never gave up on us.
No, he said.
Cruel, he said, is what it would be
if he made another promise
he couldn’t keep.
All I see are promises
he could so easily keep.
Tell me to move on, I said.
He told me to move on.
How do I move?
How do…

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No Answer


I am gathering up the words
for what it means to be—
what it feels like to be—to be what?
The words I want to say to you are ugly—
they contain a meaning that opposes love.
The words I want to use
are the antithesis of love
because there is no more of it in me.
I want the words I feel to grow
I want them to steamroll your stupid lunch,
infect your stomach with angry butterflies,
to make you feel sick with guilt
for telling me what you told her
and her
and her
and her
and her
and there are probably even more hers—
interesting hers—
and that should be all I need to know
to get on with things,
to go back
to what can never again be normal
because you’re the kind of man-scum

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Epistolary Relationship: 6 Reasons To Bring Back Old-School Romance

An Old Fashioned Pen Pal Relationship
Thanks to Penny Wilson of pennywilsonwrites
for teaching me about a new and wonderful word and world!!

An epistolary relationship is a relationship where you communicate with someone via letter writing, which is a true art in itself.

Source: Epistolary Relationship: 6 Reasons To Bring Back Old-School Romance