The Softer It Speaks

Allison Marie Conway

I read you and only you.

Like a prayer melts fever on the tongue.

Open the app and ignore all the rest because anything but you is distraction.

Filler. Byproduct.

I crave you as a mind trained on excess.

Look and over-look, but never touch.

You are the realest of the real things, baby, and I want you to fuck me up so good.

You scratch at the corners of the walls I spent a lifetime resurrecting.

You get lodged in the veins, stuck in the teeth.

Poetry as bone, bone as lace.

Lace as lust, lust as fragility.

I open my mouth for you.

Beg for you to haunt this skin.

Penetrate the senses like a fine perfume.

A word falls from your fingertips like a flame

incinerates a moth’s linen wing.

Desire can only consume to the death.

To desire is to romanticize the end.

I forget what…

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What Self-Pubbing Authors Need to Know About Getting the Best Book Cover

Self-Publishers, Don’t Miss This!!!

A Writer's Path

by Lauren Sapala

Studies have proven again and again that humans make purchasing decisions based on emotional factors. This probably happens most frequently in the glittering online jungle known as I read recently that Amazon is the only search engine people use with the mouse in one hand, and a credit card in the other.

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The Coyote song…


(My California Death valley coyote friend. 1992)

Coyote song….

On a quiet nights.
When the sky is clear.
Lonely people wait for no-one.
They pray to the moon and they make a fool’s wishes.
To repeat the dance  with old lovers on empty beaches.
To rebirth dreams lost in the cold September breezes.

From a distance.
A lone Coyote.
He sings to the moon.
His song is for his missed companion.
Can be heard by the lonely souls.

The memories of first sweet kisses.
The splendor of making love till the morning light.
The kind and sweet moment of looking into eyes of lovers.
Leave a empty spot needing a tender touch of love.

The Coyote song is a sound to rebirth hope.
He still called for his companion.
He called to the moon to announce his hunger and desire.
To run free and together again with his companion.


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