An empty book..


An empty book.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Need to enjoy life. A good life is many friends and a lot of laughter."    

                             An empty book.

An empty book is a lonely story.
The great writer’s lived their life with gusto and no fear.
You can read in their stories a life filled with sadness and happiness.

Hemingway went to war as a Soldier and a reporter. Learn of death and fear.
Kosinski roamed Europe as a youth learning the truth about the nature of man.
Neruda wrote about love with experience of knowing the paradise of the kiss and tender touch.
Gibran wrote with love and kindness. Trying to teach the world a better way.

We must travel blindly into life and chance with no fear.
Open new doors of friendship. Have long conversation about everything.
Need to dance on the edges of pleasures and take what…

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My Chapbook “A Potpourri of Emotions” free for download only for today in 16th Annual POETRY SUPER HIGHWAY Download 50 FREE Poetry E-books Now!!!

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I’m really excited to see my chapbook “A Potpourri of Emotions” included in the 16th Annual Poetry Super Highway Free E-Book for all. Really thankful to the founder Rick Lupert for giving this gift of poetry to the literary community. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity!!

The 16th annual Poetry Super Highway E-book Free-For-All is on now. 50 e-books have been donated by poets from all over the world and they are now available to download for the next 24 hours for free. Click HERE to get your free e-fill.

This is a limited time offer…the free download links will disappear tonight at midnight (pacific – the evening of December 1st) and then they will post a new page shortly thereafter letting everyone know how many times each book was downloaded.

So get to that e-book downloading now…it’s a free-for-all!

Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood


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Associate Editor at Life and Legends Literary Journal starting January 2021

Congratulations to Megha!

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I’m so thrilled and excited to share this news about my acceptance in the editorial team of Los Angeles, California based Literary journal Life and Legends. I’m so thankful to the EIC and founder Kalpna Singh-Chitnis for believing in me and giving me this wonderful opportunity.

Life and Legends, primarily a poetry journal in English, also publishes literature from other languages translated into English. Their focus is to build bridges between languages and cultures, and promote diversity in literature by publishing international writers. They create opportunities for newer writers alongside publishing the work of the living legends to inspire and bring all generations of writers together.

“Life and Legends” is published by the “Silent River Film and Literary Society” a non-profit organization registered in the state of California, USA. For more, visit –

Looking forward to a long and fruitful collaboration!!

Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood

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Doing Nothing

Penny Wilson Writes

This past Thanksgiving weekend was a very different one for me as I’m sure it was for most everyone this year.  It’s 2020.  What more needs to be said.  Right?  My weekend was different for me for reasons other than the ongoing awfulness (I don’t know if that’s a word) that is the year 2020.  This was the first weekend since I bought my house 3 years ago that I didn’t plan some major project to do during the 4 days that I had off.  I can’t hardly believe that I’ve been in my house now for 3 years!  It’s gone by so fast!

Rather than painting a room or laying flooring or building shelves, I rested, relaxed and Enjoyed my house and myself.  Other than some laundry, there wasn’t a thing that I HAD to do.  So I didn’t do anything much.  Certainly nothing constructive and I think that…

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Mindfulness Haiku Born from a New Vantage Point — Glover Gardens

davidbruceblog #2

the first time around

i missed your significance

~ won’t do that again

The backstory for this (hopefully) enigmatic haiku is a tale of a search through my photo library. I wanted Christmas pictures to use for the header here in the blog, and searched for Christmas Decorations as a category. The Apple Photos app…

Mindfulness Haiku Born from a New Vantage Point — Glover Gardens

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