Line Dry


I placed the basket on the grass,
damp and cold underfoot,
leaned down as wisps of hair tickled my cheek,
grasped the damp sheet and hauled it across the line,
turning my face upwards, I breathed the fresh scent
and snapped the sheet in place with the wooden peg,
took a step back and watched the wind and sun do their job, 
rustling cotton, under the summertime sky.

©Heather Carr-Rowe

The Twiglets – Twiglet #269 – rustling cotton

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I Want It All!

Love, Life, Broken

I want to be touched.
I want to be felt.
I want to be seen.
I want to be wanted.
I want to be held.
I want to be caressed.
I want to be cared for.
I want to be Loved.
I want to be stimulated
I want to be engaged.
I want to be excited.
I want to be enthralled.
I want to be hurt.
I want to be bruised.
I want to be pinched.
I want to be scratched.
I want that urge and passion to show on my body.
I want my mind to be ablaze with thoughts and dreams and desires.
I want my body to be on edge with anticipation.
I want to crave you and for you to crave me.
I want it ALL!

I want it with you!

I want you!

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A mile deep

Love, Life, Broken

I love a mile deep and an inch wide,
I’m difficult – alot.
I’m kind – alot.
I’m gentle – Sometimes.
I’m sexy – Sometimes.
I’m funny – Sometimes.
I’m fucked up – Sometimes. OK alot!
I’m scared – alot.
I’m happy – Sometimes.
I’m beautiful – Sometimes with filters.
I’m sarcastic – Sometimes.
I’m snarky – Sometimes.
I’m thoughtful – Alot.I overthink – Alot I’m negative – Sometimes. 
I’m assertive – Sometimes.
I’m creative – Sometimes.
I’m hot – Sometimes.
I’m cold – Sometimes.
I love…Always. you are in my heart and soul there is no sometimes.
I love deep.
I love hard.
I love true.
I love. I love a mile deep and an inch wide.
I apologise the same way.

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Love, Life, Broken

You are not just liked. You are not someone who I simply think is alright. You are not my past time or someone who is just filling a void. You are not my second choice or a backup plan.
You are cherished and adored with every fabric of my being.
You are my favourite thought of the day and my favourite person in the world. You are seen. You are heard and its because of exactly who you are, that you are loved. Always know that no matter what else is happening in our lives, that you are beloved and loved.

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A wing and a prayer…


 A wing and a prayer…

He told the Lake St. Clair. We become, who suppose become. Hell-bound life can lead us to place of peace. He told the lady of the lake. Kind and pretty lady, we can be cursed, we can be broken and we are not done. Did I do enough? Was I, kind to the people near? Did I respect the water, the earth and the sky?

Beautiful Carla told me. Us, who love words, we learn what George Peele wrote.

“What thing is love?

For love is a thing.

It is a prick,

it is a sting.

It is a pretty, pretty thing.”

We can do what we can and we are riding on a wing and a prayer. Flying freely and hoping we can land on our feet. In the end, a good life. Loving many, laughing and singing children at our feet and understanding…

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The pretty lady had many tattoos on her skin and she allowed few to see them. I told her. I own four tattoos and each one with a story. I believe if we mark our bodies with ink. Each one, should tell us a story of adventure. She laughed and she told me.

You love the darkness, poetry and the jazz songs. You love us women. You see us with eyes of wonder and you want to hear our voices. You make me feel I am special. I allowed you to write words on bare skin. You can make me smile.

She put her bare legs across my lap and I caressed her rose bush tattoo, tenderly and I told her. I love your dream catcher on your back and the vision of the hands of peace on your left arm. I have traced the rose bunch to hidden…

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I would steal the moon for you…

Come Enjoy This!!


                          I would steal the moon for you….

My beloved, my midnight dream, my three am dancer.

We found safe haven near the sea,

small tent and sleeping bag.

We drank tequila with the bitter lemon.

We danced for the stars and the moon for the Pacific.

I told you my love,

I would steal the moon for you,

I would leave my world for a secret place.

where you and I,

can be safe and sound.

Pretty lady smiled and she whispered.

If you go away,

will you forget my face?

would you miss my voice?

Would you yearn for me?

I told her,

If I must leave you,

I would dream of your beautiful face every night,

I would wish to hear your song when the sun was bright,

I would the count the minute till…

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A love story…


We didn’t know, love was like a fleeing butterfly.

We tried to hold the wind, we tried to stop time,

we held our kisses long and sweet.

We didn’t know.

Love words, love dances, just magic and wisp for the dreamers.

We didn’t know, love comes when she wants and you cannot stop time.

Locked doors must be opened and you cannot catch the wind.

I love your memory and I need to hear your voice, dear beloved.


A love story…

I remember us, I remember you.

you were my Spring time love,

my wildflower dream that came true.

You taught me to dance with the free-flowers and

to sing to the sun and the moon.

We found the ancient castles of Germany and

I loved watching your face,

your eyes, filled with joy discovering new places and new wonders.

We found love,

holding hands, sharing warm kisses,


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The Gift of Now

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Source of Inspiration

song bird3

Who can say
what tomorrow will bring
no seer can truly know
a million tomorrows
float in forever horizons
pick one and ten more appear.

Who can erase
what happened yesterday
can the moon
reverse its path?

The world exists
only in this moment
captured in the now
yet how seldom
do we fix our minds here
choosing instead to wallow
in our fears of tomorrow
regrets of yesterday
unaware of the precious
gift of now.

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