Wonderful song and some words.



Love me

Life is short, love is sweet. The night was long and her eyes, were looking like the wild Pacific sea.
Please play with me, she whispered. Love me right, love me wrong. Love be damned, love be the honey-wine we need.

We are not young in love and we know the dance. Let’s us create a storm, let’s us become lovers remembered in myth and tale.

We will disrobe in our private room and dance till we cannot no more. We will lock the door and stay nude and free till we cannot no-more.

I brought her closer and I whispered. Your wish, will become my command, my only need. I want us bare and true. Us, some wine and some song. Our utopia in our crazy world. You are my only sweetness, my last wish and my first wish, my lovely.


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Just dancers



We are walking on pins and needles. Once we spoke lover’s words. Now we are strangers, imprisons in self-made hell. Did we love? Do we hate?

We tasted sweet, we tasted bitter. Can love die? Can dead man feel the caress of love kiss again?
Maybe, we were, just dancers, wanting too little, wanting too much?

I want the rain to fall upon us, the rain of memory. Once lovers, once friend. We need to find the place, where the heart needed kiss and embrace.

Are we brave enough? Are the fingerprints of love touch, locked away in a secure safe. Never to be found.
Should I stay? Should I escape from you?

In the windmills of my mind, we danced in the midnight hours and we loved, love.
Are we doomed to accept less? I accept the blame and I wished upon the first star of the…

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Failing To See – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


Image: unsplash.com

“We wake if we ever wake at all, to mystery, to rumours of death, beauty, violence ….” Annie Dillard

Failing To See

When did mystery become anxious
that it needed something by way of
self-denial to be acceptable, and who
decided to strip you naked that we 
might see you clearly through the
murky mist of time, and ponder
your meanings. Did we need to 
break down your door, claiming 
your space as our own, becoming
so familiar as to have no illusions,
failing to see how our thirst for 
certainty becomes a cabinet filled
with conclusions which has emptied
us of longing.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

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Hi everyone, I hope all of you are doing good. Well, have you ever faced a situation wherein you know what’s the right thing for you but at the same time you can’t ignore that it is not something that will comfort your heart. There are times, you are perplexed and can’t really ask for suggestions. Why? Because, you are so sure that nobody would be able to understand How are you feeling!

Sometimes, your mind has the clarity the heart just not give the go-ahead signal. Why life has to take us to situations where have to step over our heart and choose mind. Why, there are some decisions that you have to take no matter how difficult they are. Why?

Why you can’t just skip some decisions. Why you can’t continue on the path of your heart. Why this life has to have such complex phases. Why can’t…

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Three Line Tales 256

Keep it alive

Welcometo Week 256 ofThree Line Tales.

three line tales, week 256: a Highland cow in tall grassphoto byTomas Shelbyvia Unsplash


Close your eyes and pretend that no one can see you

Standing in knee-high grass, he thought he was invisible

Reality does not go away because we pretend that it is not there




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What do you see # 61 – A Roundup

Keep it alive


It is still inside of us all

The joyful innocentchild

We may shun it’s naughty instincts

And tamper down its urges to break free

But there comes a time in our lives

When we should open our hearts

And heed our inner child

That wants us to be true

To be brave and to be

Just ourselves


Once again a marvelous turnout in response to this week’s image. My heartfelt gratitude to you all who wrote, read and commented on these posts. Please click on the links to read the contributions to our participants.

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Joan McNerney

Come Read These!

I Write Her

Poet Statement – These are all free verse short poems about my favorite season.
I call them Autumn Notes.

Four sparkling maples
sashay in autumn winds.
dressed in yellow lace.
Half moon hiding in old
oak tree on top of hillside.


Children kicking up leaves
shouting while jumping
over mounds of foliage.


Bright leaves gleaming
in sunshine tumbling
through an Alice blue sky.


Carpets of red, yellow, brown
foliage unfurls before us.


Walking through trails of trees
becoming spellbound by
leafy giants towering over us.


Joan McNerney’s poetry is found in many literary magazines such as Seven Circle Press, Dinner with the Muse, Poet Warriors, Blueline, and Halcyon Days. Four Bright Hills Press Anthologies, several Poppy Road Review Journals, and numerous Spectrum Publications have accepted her work. She has four Best of the Net nominations. This is her second feature on The…

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