Wrongful wishing

Wishing shouldn’t be backwards
But you’re wishing
To be back where
You were.
Why? my dear
That’s wrongful wishing
Don’t you know
You are right
Where you’re meant to be?

Moving forward
is the best way
For you.
Staying still
In a world that’s
Moving doesn’t do
A person like you
Any justice.

Stop with this wish
Of yours.
This I warn you.
Don’t ever wish to be
Back where u once were.
Back then you were
Wishing to be anywhere
But there.
And now?
Stop it!

Keep moving
Through this storm
For the Lord is guiding
You and he is ordering
Your steps.
Stop at once.
With your wrongful wishing.

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Interview with Cindy Georgakas @ Uniquely Fit (Ideas for ending 2020 with Zest) – priorhouse blog

Good Morning Readers, Today I want to share the Priorhouse Interview with blogger Cindy Georgakas. How did this interview come about? I met Cindy when she was featured on Kally’s  Middle Me a…

Source: Interview with Cindy Georgakas @ Uniquely Fit (Ideas for ending 2020 with Zest) – priorhouse blog

Poetry: Day 422


i turned down plans
said no to friends
made excuses for everything
to avoid socialising

i turned in on myself
wrote away my feelings
texted my thoughts
and didn’t speak my truth

and now?
we can’t do those things
we all used to reject

i will never take for granted
a hug from someone i love
or an unceremonious
chance to meet for coffee
or shopping
or a party
or literally anything

and i have never more
wanted to be out with other people
laughing at inane jokes
sharing the same packet of crisps
listening to their new favourite song
through earbuds rather than at a distance
(or a link to a video)
i have never wanted more
to feel alive
and to be alive, surrounded by people

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Jagged knife

Charmed Chaos

I’ve been down roads that had no end 
traveled for days and back again 
but the one that always rings true 
is the road that leads me back to you

Though this road is rocky, muddy and grooved 
and though my mama- bless her, disapproved
those twisting S turns and death man’s curves
of seductive caresses leave me unnerved

With roughened hands weathered from years of abuse
and demanding lips my lips will never refuse
Your golden eyes raging with a stormy desire
C’mon baby, add cinders to my dying fire

When our time is over, bitter words said and done
no matter who’s next, you’ll still be the one
when you’ve wandered on to your next charmed life
you’ll cut my scarred heart in two with a jagged knife

The Sunday Muse #139

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