Sugar and spice…


 Sugar and spice…

You lifted your eyes for me. Your eyes dancing with joy and filled with wilderness.

I whispered to you. Dear love. Do you want to hear a lullaby?

You gave me a dangerous smile and you told me.

“I want a lullaby with the fragrance of temptation and some seduction.”

                                   -Sugar and spice-

You are. Winter pale skin and valleys of soft and tender places needing my attention and care.

I told you my love. You are my sugar and spice in a life needing gentle kiss and warm embrace.

You are my Crown Royal whiskey on a cold Winter evening and hot coffee at the beginning of my day.

I have loved you since the day we met and you wrote into my journal.

“Sugar and spice, all everything nice. Please dear Johnnie. Write me a lullaby with a happy ending. Life is love and…

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“It makes no sense now” – Nayana Nair

it rains in my heart


I tried many times
to write about you,
to tell the world
why I loved you once
even when it makes no sense now.

when the days in the sun
seem like a dream, seem like a ruse,
seem like a bait
to everything that just gets worse.
when all that we once were glad to believe in
and that we were
has caused us to write this end.

This end
where I have my own sky
but end up looking at the fields below
the harvest, the drought, the spring, the festivals
that you live.
This end,
where your day always ends with looking for that bird
who foolishly broke her wings for you,
among the birds who only dream of flying.

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Poetry Reading at the IAWA ( Italian American Writers Association) Group on December 19,2020

Megha's World


I am extremely honored to share the space with esteemed writers featured this week on Dec 19,2020 at Italian American Writers Association poetry reading .I’m extremely thankful to Maria Lisella, Poet Laureate Queens,NY and 2020 Fellow of Academy of American Poets)for inviting me to the said event for the open mic. This week the featured poets were from Boston and New York. I read my poem “Poem and its Hunger”during the open mic spot.

IAWA New York and Boston present:

Joey Nicoletti & Domenica Ruta

Domenica Ruta is the New York Times bestselling author of With or Without You, a memoir, and Last Day, a novel named one of the 100 best books of 2019 by the New York Times. Her short fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in the Boston ReviewIndiana Review, and Epoch. Her essays have been published in 9th…

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Today’s prompt: Write a piece of prose or poetry that uses the words black eyes and cold winter rain.

jon-tyson-XmMsdtiGSfo-unsplashThe syncopated pitter patter of this rain on my tin ceiling

is weaving a symphony, like the fleeting touch of the thrumming harp wire;

a constant reminder of the scattered memories making their way 

through the thin sluices of  my corrugated roof

my window frame getting battered by the gale is an unbroken reminder 

that there is a dream birthing in the black of my eye 

the swirling surreal  dream shimmering as they dazzle in my eyes

are contesting the festive lights decorated throughout my sepia tinged room

These little blurbs of serenity and incomparable joys have taught me that 

nothing stays forever, even the boisterous gale battering the pain in my windows.

A haunting reminder of the sullen memories will stop and die down eventually.

Beautiful dawn will birth in the crimson folds…

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Saturday Symphony- Timeless Literature

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Jude is the host of Saturday Symphony

For you, forever



This week, share a bit of your all-time favourite works of literature.
The ones you have read over and over again.
A novel, poetry, story, thesis, and the like.
No obligation to post the original, but quoting is okay.
Just let it inspire your post,
And tell us where the inspiration came from.

You’re more than welcome to use art, images, and any form of writing for your post.

Be sure to Pingback to this feature edition, so others can join in. And so I can find you and feature your post in Saturday’s edition.


I do love reading.

And my favorite genres are crime fiction and historical romances. But there is one genre that I love above these two and that is humor.

Since I am old school, I love PG Woodhouse

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42 Words- Apocalyptic

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Deb Whitman is the host of 42 Words

So this week’s theme is the awe inspiring…


So good old google states that the definition of APOCALYPTIC is

  • describing or prophesying the complete destruction of the world
  • momentous or catastrophic
  • of or resembling the biblical Apocalypse


It was a total disaster.

Nothing could save them now.

Jollie tried to calm her wildly beating heart and shaking hands.

Thick black smoke was obscuring her sight and the stench was enough to make her gag.

The dinner was burned, and the guests were due any moment.

It was an apocalypse!

42 Words




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How will you know I Love You?

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Unique Times

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If I buy you a diamond ring, silks and gold so you drip in jewels does that mean I love you more than if I give you an orange from my garden or write a poem from my soul and trace hearts on your body?

If I fly you to the moon and back and buy you a star in the galaxy, will you know how much I love you?

If I sit and hold your hand and chat about what you’re feeling to let you know I care would that be enough or would you wish you were Jupiter?

If you watch me flying off the trapeze doing circles in the air and land on my feet, would you not put me on a pedestal or think I’m crazy?

If I’m walking down the street and I fall on my face, would you…

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