Japanese Poetry Forms

Linda Luna offers a brief but thoughtful look at the different forms of Japanese poetry. Come take a look at this informative piece and share it with your friends. Thanks for this post, Linda!

Dark Side of the Moon

Lately I have been exploring the many forms of poetry, both new and old, because sometimes I find it easier to write with a blueprint. Ultimately I intend to try my hand at every form I come across, for the sake of expanding my horizons, though undoubtedly I will use some of them only once. My main resource for this study is a website called Shadow Poetry: A Poet’s Writing Resource. Someone has asked me to share what I am learning, and I’m very happy to do so. So here is my first article about poetry, and I’ve created a new tab in the menu, “About Poetry,” for the express purpose of sharing what I’ve learned.

This first installment is about Japanese poetic forms. There are six that I have come across, and all of them are quite short. Evidently, the Japanese are fond of brevity.

Some characteristics…

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A Cafe Introduction /Back Catablog of Linda Luna and – The Darkside Of The Moon blog

Please take some extra time with a cup of coffee from the Go Dog Go Cafe and learn about Linda Luna and her blog The Darkside Of The Moon in this Cafe Introduction/Back Catablog of Linda and her blog. Don’t miss some really great Love Poems. Give Linda a visit on her blog.

Go Dog Go Café

By Charles Robert Lindholm

Hi Everyone,

I’d like you to meet a Friend of mine – Linda Luna.  Linda’s blog is “The Darkside Of The Moonthe side of me most people never see“.  Linda has only been blogging on WordPress a short while but has shared some beautiful poems that give you a real insight into her heart and soul.

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She Whispered

Owen’s post “She Whispered” on No Talent For Certainty blog is a great journey through a life of emotions, relationships and spirituality! Learn about Forgiveness and Forgetting. Please visit Owens site and share this post with friends.

No Talent For Certainty

She Whispered

She whispered to me, “Owen –
I would like to be your girl.
But you must take me everywhere.
I want to see the world.”

So mesmerized, I took her hand,
Across the world we went:
And all I was, and all I had
Most certainly was spent

To give her all of anything
I thought she might desire –
But still, she whispered to me,
“Let’s go higher, Owen. Higher.”

But higher I could never go
For I was just a guy
Without the soaring resources
It takes to reach the sky

One day, she whispered to me,
“You and I know this is done.
It’s time for me to go; this part
Of our race has been run.”

I thought it wrong and hated her
And hated richer men:
And it was years and years before
I saw her face again

By now, I was not poor; but…

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