Self-Publishing Works

Roth Poetry

This week I finished my eighth poetry book and had it printed. I find self-publishing works very well for me. Some think that by getting a book published, it is going sell and make them some money. Sadly this is often not the case. E-books on Amazon are made available on Kindle for free, but unless you pay them, they never see the light of day; unless someone specifically looks for your books.

Having learned that early on, I decided I was not going to play the “send off and get rejected” game. I publish my own books. I realize that really only immediate family and friends care about my writing, so I publish and give to family and sell a few at cost. It makes me feel good and I don’t have to worry about the competition.

I write my poems on Word and then load all of them…

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Essence of unity

Spiritual messages

No matter what skin colour we have
No matter which country we belong to
No matter what our creed, religion is
– We are are all human beings

No matter where we live
We live under the same sun
We breathe the same air
Live on the same planet

No matter how we leave, come into this world
We all have come, we all have to go
Whether rich or poor
The same way

No matter what we do, think or speak:
All is subject to the same law:
Action and reaction
Cause and effect

Good reflects good
Bad mirrors bad

Noone is better or higher
We all are in the same school of life…

We are a united society – MANKIND
And no mind can ignore or separate it…

DidiArtist, 18.04.2018

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Mixed Emotions

Writing With An Open Heart

In the depth of hardships, there are these mixed emotions we go through. Sad events can happen and there can still be moments when we feel lighter and smile. We can dwell for a while in the past and still be grateful for the present situation we reached. We can be angry at our loved ones and still hold a lot of love for them in our hearts.

We can feel vulnerable and still stand strong enough to face our problems right away. We dwell sometimes over the fact that we haven’t healed properly and we wonder if we’re doing anything wrong. Healing doesn’t have to happen right away, but as long as the intention is there it will happen with patience and time.

There’s no limited capacity, right or wrong for the emotions we experience when something unexpected happens. There are no rules on how we should handle each…

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I’ll Get By

Writing With An Open Heart

I’ll get by because the truth just floated to the surface,
I’ll get by because I get to turn this new page,
With a peaceful smile on my face.
I’ll get by because I know I’ve been somehow protected from much worse scenarios.

I’ll stand tall and get by,
Because I’m grateful for everything that has happened so far,
I’ll get by because I’m hopeful the new road that’s waiting ahead.

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For So Long

Writing With An Open Heart

For so long I’ve accepted coming in barely tenth place in your life, because I thought loving others meant being there when their mood allowed me to. Worst part is that I got used to being in a position where my feelings didn’t matter.

That’s not love…

Love should make you feel supported, peaceful and cared for. Even when you feel vulnerable.
Love means coming forward to discuss things openly. It means caring enough to hear both sides of the story.

Love isn’t an anxiety inducing game that leaves you breathless.


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The Shy Side

Source of Inspiration


Few know that I am shy,
bravado masks it well.
Yet, there remains
within a little girl
who prefers the world
of animals and fairies
in the floresta to
center front stage.

I like this shy, quiet
little girl, who finds
the world too hard at times.
More and more she tiptoes
out of me as I sit by
streams of clear water
and feed bunnies sprigs
of sweet clover.

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