My divorce will be FINALLY finalized this morning…watch out world 😉 I am FREE!! My mind has been cluttered for months those who know my story understand the chaos and stress and misunderstandings…I got a sparkle in my GREENISH blue eyes ..FOCUSED! MYSTICAL Sparkling that is!!

Today its about Forgiveness moving on and Getting what you want! FORGET THE PAST IF YOU WANT IT …GET IT!


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The stranger and the poet’s song..


The stranger and the poet’s song

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

Just words.


The stranger and the poet’s song

Houses built on sand will sink. Love built on false hope will not endure. Desperate love, passionate love is just released for the sake of the body and not the heart. Just fragments of what love that could be?

Pretty woman receded into sadness and she told her lover. Turbulent waters know no peace. Perverse need and want become just enough. Are we all destined to undress into the need of the flesh? Can love dead be revived?

Betrayal and abandonment leave delicate heart shattered and hollow. Deny love is safe love. Savage and desperate love replace nuptial bliss and with no restrains.

A stranger and a old Poet befriended. The poet bought the sad pretty lady a cold draft beer and some good whiskey. He told her. You must discard …

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Almost to California..


 Almost to California.

My Boston girl, I found her at Fort lee, Virginia in the Winter of 1976. She was waited for a love who forsaken you. I made her drink the sweet red wine and we danced near the Winter Virginia beach sea every weekend for three months. She told me, never love a broken girl. Dead heart, sleeping heart shall break your heart.

I remember I told her. Dear Dorothy, love is like a river, flowing toward us or away from us. We must learn to roll and move with the moving water. Life is never easy and love can be harder.

I left for Fort Ord, California in late December 1976 and we made great promises of meeting in Monterey. I remember her brown eyes asking me. Was I true or not? I told you.

“Dorothy, Dorothy. My beloved, please come to California. I want to love…

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Dirty little secrets..


Dirty little secrets

I watched the moon rise and the sun run away and I remember ‘ You and I’. I’m the dancing moon whispering words of love to you as we pass in the night. I was told fire and water cannot be mixed. One shall die.

Love can be sweet, love can be bitter. Can sleeping mind and heart be reborn? Lovers confess on paper things they need and want. Sweet wishes can be turned into dirty little secrets.

A chameleon life are we? Inner wishes becoming lies and wishing well whispers. I know people need face to face. Need to color the empty places with a canvas of long walks, beautiful places and showing real face.

Our real face. Few we allow in to see. I wonder what do you dream about? I want to know what makes you smile and laugh? Hard to unlock doors closed…

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Among Copper Leaves

Charmed Chaos

Strolling a quiet path on an autumn day 
with naught but bright song of an oriole
Brilliant plumage hidden among copper leaves
his song wafting on the halcyon breeze

This is what feeds my dog-tired soul 
listening to soothing sounds of nature 
the heavy thud of green acorns dropping
Ground squirrels gathering them with abandon

To live our dream, perchance to see 
our forever home waiting ’round the bend
a quiet old cottage nestled among tall trees
where we will laugh and love ’til our days end

dVerse Poetics:Three Little Words

Author’s Note:The three words I chose to use from Sarah’s choices are: Feed.Quiet.Copper

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Shift – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

flashlight batteries - Ali Grimshaw

Leaves in an Oregon River

absent stood out
on the page of my day,
like sharp yellow highlighter,
a biting bright contrast,
to your slight soft smile.
Remembering our laughter
mixed with warm sunlight smell
of blackberries, overripe
with the end of this season,
some clinging to the vine.

© Alicia Grimshaw 2019

As we shift to the next, there is a tension of holding on 
and letting go. I feel this as I experience goodbyes 
and new places. Sending love to anyone who is saying 
farewell and transitioning with this season.  Let's 
welcome in the new colors that arrive with this change.

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So Tricky (Really) – prose by Paul Vincent Cannon


Kim at dVerse is hosting Prosery, and she has given us a D.H. Lawrence line – “We look at him through the wrong end of the long telescope of time.” from his poem ‘Hummingbird.’ dVerse Poets – Prosery – Telescope of Time

Photo: ya-native.com Wounded Knee protest 1973

“I think we ought to move tanks, the whole goddamned thing. Put a division in there, if necessary ….” Richard Nixon

So Tricky (Really)

Even though we look at him through the wrong end of the telescope of time doesn’t change the simple fact that he is still the same. Making him smaller doesn’t make him any less. And time is not elastic enough to change the facts, you can’t wallpaper over the truth, no matter how hard you try. No amount of forgiveness will enable forgetting. I know that those who’ve come after him have certainly made him look better, but…

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Life is like a Hammock!

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On a night so deep and dark,
Linger on to the moon…
Lay under its brightness,
You won’t feel darkness anymore,
And learn from the moon,
How to shine…

Darkness shall too pass…
Wrap yourself in the vibes of nature,
Feel the breeze of Hope,
Let the whispers of wind reach your eardrums…

For once,
Think about life,
And all the possibilities it has to offer…

Life is like a hammock,
Fit yourself well in it.
Learn from the experiences,
Enjoy the journey of life,
Life is a limited time offer.

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