Throw me a line please,


 Throw me a line please , with the hook and sinker, and everything else.

She was the wildest and most beautiful wild flowers in the  valley. She made the saddest man by the sea, smile. She danced with the Pacific, her bare feet touching the moving waves. She sing to the falling sun and she went to sitting poet.

The poet wrote into his journal.

“I wish upon a falling star,

for someone to make me smile.

I tossed a penny into a deepest wishing well,

asking for someone to make me feel alive.
I made a dandelion wish,

watching the dandelion leaves fly to the sky,

for a girl vibrant, alive and filled with joy.

To teach me. I was still was alive.”

She stood near him, the sea breeze moving her Summer dress away from her sun-kissed skin, allowed him to see her strong legs and tender feet…

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Blame not the kiss..


Blame not the kiss

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Long Summer days bring hope and dreams of hope."

                         Blame not the kiss

The pen and paper cannot give justice to your beautiful face.
Words cannot describe the beauty of your eyes.
The great moon don’t compare to you standing near me.

I thought once, you were too wild and untamed to be held.
Now we dance on the quiet beach and we listen to the sea.

We lay together and I caressed your tender feet and I listen to your song.
You told me the charity of love is fair. Love delight is love gained.
Better to fast in love and kiss making the final plight sweet and never forgotten. People who eat up life like pigs. Don’t remember the sweet kiss and tender embrace.

I brought my love near and told her. Blame not the kiss. Blame the…

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Reena’s Exploration Challenge- 156 – Time

Keep it alive

Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge


Tick tock runs the clock

We spend our lives rushing through the maze that’s life

Hurry, hurry, times-a-wasting

The clicks, the beeps, tapping and buzzing

All reminding us that time is passing

Don’t get caught in a downward spiral

It will drag you deep into the rabbit hole

Break the chains that confine you, binds your life



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Her Soft Light – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


Bjorn is hosting MTB at dVerse and has invited us to develop a poem from a list. dVerse Poets – Meeting The Bar – Lists That Google Gives Us


“Love is not consolation. It is light.” Friedrich Nietzsche

Her Soft Light

Moon was not in my sky,
she was out somewhere with
pisces, meeting new faces,
I could hear her laughter cascading
across the atmosphere and I 
determined a direction,
her soft light leading my curious
heart, which lead to, of all places,
the seventh house, and 
I smiled because the night
had not long begun and 
moon was young again, 
I didn't even knock.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

The Google search gave me “Moon is in the seventh house.”

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