Love had no pride..


 Love had no pride

Pretty wishes, pretty memories, become kind and sweet places we have known. I remember my greatest wish, ginger hair girl with the eyes of hazel, she was once, my midnight dancer in the cold nights of Winter.
On a night with the liar’s moon above, I told her, I loved her so and she whispered. “Dear Johnnie, forgive me, I am a mess and cannot be awaken.”
I held her tighter and I whispered. Please tell me sweet lies, please make me believe in miracles and wishes. I know, love had no pride. We have tonight, maybe tomorrow. You and I, we are running from everything and everyone. The half-moon night is above us, we can share the sweet lies. Pretend  we have forever and a-day.

Pretty Jenny wrapped her nude body tightly around me, she whispered.
 “Love had no pride dear Johnnie, after we give…

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Easy it is to write it in white,
Soothing to read,
A positive ray of light.
But you over look the truth,
When you refuse to accept
The dark and the shadows
And the black of the night.

Now here we sit,
Me and my blue,
Next to you and your yellow lies.
But it’s all laid out in front of us,
So clearly in black and white.


**There is always black and white, light and dark in everything. I believe it’s important to be able to see all sides in everything, without judgment. We search for light and happiness and we run away from things that make us feel any less because we have already decided feeling any other way is unacceptable and uncomfortable. For many, it’s easy to embrace the light and difficult to look in the shadows, often denying its existence for our own comfort. This…

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With Moon – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon



“A dreamer is one who can only find their (his, sic) way by moonlight ….” Oscar Wilde

With Moon 

I was over dressed in thought as I 
meandered the joys of my uneven
shoreline, with moon on my shoulder,
unspoken for a time until the
water beckoned across the warm 
expanse and I waded out into the
cool sublime and swam my emotions
in the calm where moon undressed my 
thoughts and swam with me.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

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Eugi’s Weekly Prompt- Foresight

Keep it alive

Eugenia is the host of Eugi’s Causerie

Your Weekly Prompt –Foresight – October 12, 2020.


Foresight can save you a lot of trouble

But you need to be wise to plan that far ahead

Being careful is good, but then you want spontaneity too

A bit of caution and a bit of recklessness both

Can make life’sadventure much more interesting




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Daily Prompts- Piqued

Keep it alive

The atrocious behavior of the politicians

Is enough to pique any person into a state of vexation

They spew vitriol against anybody opposing their views

Creating a ruckus whenever they don’t have an answer

I am boycotting them and their campaigns till they would

Vamp their style, reform their speech and be a little bit polite

Till then I will stand on the other end of the street

And wave them a hearty goodbye!

In response to the following prompts;




Street, Busker, Vamp





Word of the day challenge;




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