Play your cards right


It could have been so different.
It should have been so different.
My heart knows it. My soul believes it.
It is nothing but a solemn truth.

If only the world had been different.
If only we had been different.
They knew it. We never believed it.
But it was always an undeniable truth.

If only it had been a different time. A different place.
If only we’d have different names or found ourselves in a different age.
There could have been a different truth.

Yet you can’t always play that winning hand.
And there’s definitely no winning it all.
When you’re holding the winning cards….
To a different game.

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A simple sum


So about this ‘alone’ business…
Do you even know how lonely it is?
Having to spend each night by yourself…
When there’s only one thing you miss?

I mean, I am (of course) great company….
And it doesn’t really take all that much to see…
That when it comes to myself….
I don’t mind it being just me.

Except for the nights where the memories chime..
And, wanting or not, I’m lured back to that time…
Where we were caught up in ourselves…
And our one plus one equalled sublime.

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TMI – The Libido-switch



It’s been 38 days, 20 hours, 12 minutes and some random configuration of seconds ago. Not that I was counting. But I used to be counting, and I am definitely counting now. Because I stopped counting. If that makes sense (it probably doesn’t).

First of all – a TMI warning. This particular blog is going to focus things of a sexual nature (or more specifically, the lack thereoff). GRANDMA AVERT THY EYES! So please scroll and click away or flee the building if you’re so inclined. It’s alright.

But as you can see from the first line of this blog…. ‘it’s been a good ole while’. Since…you know…I did ‘the dirty‘ (how do we still live in an age that views sex as dirty?!).

But goddamn. It’s been a while. For me that is. I suppose that for other people this might be…

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