By Charles Robert Lindholm

November 3, 2020
There’s A Redo,
Voters Can Rescue Our

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November 3rd is the Presidential Election. Please come and vote – For God’s sake – Please vote. Our democracy depends on it!!

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The wild rose


The wild rose

Caged man ran from his cage, he ran to the Rhine river and he sought solitude from the noises of the city. He prayed to the river, “Please take me to the sea. Allow the weight of my useless life to be clean and for me to see, the open sea and to breathe in the salty ocean air.”

He looked to the river bank and he saw a single red rose and he went to the rose and he touched the leaves softly. He told the rose, a Indian Summer in Germany. My fainting heart is so damn tire and I need to rest. He heard a warm and gentle whisper, a voice of a angel. He looked-up and he saw a celestial beauty and he asked her. Are you real dear lady? Can we find kindness in the mess of life?

She sat down near…

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A one way street, baby…..


A one way street, baby.

Pretty lady called me lover, she called me friend. She told me, I need you near and please hang around dear Johnnie. I told her, sweetie, lover, my pretty one. You called me at two am, knocked on my door at three. You speak black words, white words than you escape again. What are we? Just a lullaby written about a sweet lady, liking the one way street. Love hard, love sweetly and your eyes on the door. Love beckon escape before the sorrow and pain comes alive.

She smiled , her hazel eyes turned soft blue and she whispered. You and I. We love the grey sky, we love the long highway and we love the long night. We are the fire and the wood. Burn hard and fast, we steal kisses, fulfilled needs that we cannot know peace. We are friends and strangers…

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Inspiration II


What is my inspiration?
I’ve been asked this many times
where do I as poet find
the substance for these lines?

Well, there’s a simple answer
because it’s all about the things
that I see all around me
and the pleasure that all brings

For there is something lovely
to be found, I find, and said
to bring a ray of sunshine
when, if truth be told, instead

the reality is something else
and forgiven we would be
for feeling pretty miserable
about most things we see

But there’s the ‘rub’ of course as well
the gift of every poet
to sew the seeds of happiness
in words, and don’t we know it!

For here is opportunity
to paint a picture that
the reader can escape to
and keep sanity intact

So what’s my inspiration?
it is all I see and do
which I will duly craft to words

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It’s My Blogiversary! – #milestones

Come Celebrate with Dorinda!!

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

I’m so glad I decided to check into my blog today or I would have missed this! Life definitely gets in the way these days, but this, this is a bright spot for me!

I can’t believe it! Seven years have flown by and my little blog has an anniversary today. It seems like only yesterday when I posted my first article, back when I wasn’t posting my poetry (That’s officially in January).

Of course, I wouldn’t be here without the support and friendship from so many in the WordPress community (I don’t want to name for chance I may miss someone!), family and friends. I never dreamed I would make it this far, and yet, numerous books later, and two more awaiting editing, I am still here.

And so, off to year eight, and Lord only knows what it will bring! Many thanks to all of you, for allowing…

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Kiss Possibilities!✨


In the boiling water,
The tea bag leaves even better taste…
It’s during the tough times,
You realize your capabilities better…
You don’t just meet them,
You learn to proudly hone and wear them…

No matter,
A dip or a dive,
A flight or a fall,
Wear your confidence on sleeves,
Embrace courage,
Kiss possibilities in life.

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