Who I Am

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I see myself
as a positive person
except when I’m not.

Yes, I’m a happy gal
full of laughter and smiles
though tears can sneak up
on me, too.

You see, I am all of these things
and none of them as well.
Layered cookie
with sweetness inside
and layers of feelings
on the outside
forming a complex cookie
that life gobbles up.

Who am I?
How does one know?
Just a thought
in the mind of the Creator?
Star seed, old woman
pondering life
writing silly poems
that ask many questions
leaving one wondering
if pondering is a waste
of time, after all?

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do you think of me? (A POEM)

Katie Kay

i think of you when
the clouds cry drops
of tears like my own,
each one a reminder
that you left, that you’re gone.

i think of you when
the sun bleeds me dry,
the rays a cosmic force
bent on burning my
cells to iron smithereens.

i think of you when
the wind picks up speed
and each gale weathers
my wet, burnt skin
with your memory.

i think of you often,
every thought like a
teardrop from the sky.
do you think of me,
or have i passed you by?


With most poems I prefer to write some explanatory notes on why I chose my subject matter and whatnot. With this poem, I think I’d like to keep the backstory personal, and let you take away what you’d like from it.

I’ll leave it at that for today.

Until next time,

-A cryptic K.

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