Come Down

Sarah Doughty

“Darling, with you, I forget
what it means to breathe air.
I forget everything but you.”

This love I feel for you drips from my tongue like honey. These words spill from my lips like rain, warm and sweet. All this blood rushing through my veins boils over and turns my insides to steam. A heated anticipation of promises yet to be fulfilled. Of all those sinful things you’ll do after the sun goes down past the horizon and the moon rises into the night sky. That’s when I’ll begin to bloom like a flower. When it’s all building inside me, like everything is reaching its fever pitch. And all I want is to quench this thirst I have for you. All I want is you. Doing what you do to me, it’s like drowning in a sea of sharks. I forget what it means to breathe air. I forget…

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davidbrucehaiku: YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIND

davidbruceblog #2



You’ve got to be kind

Be excellent to others

Make the world better


NOTE: A life of doing and receiving small kindnesses is a life that is likely to be happy.

Free eBook: YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIND: Volume 1 (pdf)

Free eBook: YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIND: Volume 2 (pdf)

Free eBook: YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIND: Volume 3 (pdf)

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Waltz of Nature

Charmed Chaos

When the world weighs heavy on this tender heart,
I get out in glorious nature and take a walk
to feel the warm sun upon my wrinkled face,
to marvel at the majesty of graceful trees,
swaying in an elegant waltz with the summer breeze

I hear the soothing trill of doves perched among the leaves
chasing elusive shade throughout the sweltering day
as they rest, take a break from the scorching heat
I continue my stroll, to find the balance I seek

With each footstep, my worries become lighter
I find myself smiling at the happy brilliant flowers
and marvel how they stand tall in daybreak’s hours
never faltering or worrying about anything at all

Poets United: Midweek Motif -Walk

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I Write Her

1What began with a hellish entrance, should hopefully end with a tranquil release.

Early on, I didn’t know I aspired to be wise. Learning is one challenge that never ends. Lessons bombard us irrationally throughout the entirety of our reality.

I only hope my end game has seen just enough experiential, peaceful growth from comforting knowledge so my essence feels it is ready to go.

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