BrewNSpew Café-June 24/2019 My dream castle

Keep it alive

Dreaming of living the perfect life

I aspire to kingdoms and castles high

I would love to be the chosen one

The ideal and idyllic life should be mine

In my imagination I can see the towers and turrets

Of my dream castle that is high in the sky

I would be the lord and the master of all that I see

Far and wide would be my power be spread

Work for it you say to me?

What is the fun in that if I have to toil for it

Come down to earth and live in reality

Why should I , when the dreams are more pleasant

The prompt;

Word of the week – castle – (noun) – a large building, typically of the medieval period, fortified against attack with thick walls, battlements, towers, and in many cases a moat.

Synonyms – fort, fortress, stronghold, citadel, tower…

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About Average #BookReview #AndrewClements

Poems for Warriors

AboutAverage_AndrewClements “About Average” by Andrew Clements

“About Average” by Andrew Clements is a fun and engrossing Middle School chapter book for children between the ages of 8-12 years. It is a fictional and inspirational story written for kids about self-esteem, being true to who you are, and about showing others respect.

The story follows Jordan Johnston, a 6th grader, who describes herself as “plain and average.” She has some special skills like organizational skills, horseback riding, babysitting that doesn’t help her get better grades, or make her more popular at school. Jordan also has to deal with mean and rude comments from fellow classmates, but she decides to “kill” these disagreeable classmates with kindness, rather than fighting back with hurtful words or her fists.

These themes teach kids the power of kindness, of staying true to yourself when others don’t appreciate you, and then teaches them to appreciate yourself and your…

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“Democracy is coming to the USA, It’s coming through a crack in the wall”

Art of Quotation

“Democracy is coming to the USA,
It’s coming through a crack in the wall”

— Leonard Cohen, song quotes, song lyrics from “Democracy”

Regarding the song Democracy

A quarter century ago, Cohen speaks to our time with astonishing prescience — for any great artist is at bottom a seer in dialogue with eternal human problems — and tells Zollo:

“I think the irony of America is transcendent in the song. It’s not an ironic song. It’s a song of deep intimacy and affirmation of the experiment of democracy in this country. That this is really where the experiment is unfolding. This is really where the races confront one another, where the classes, where the genders, where even the sexual orientations confront one another. This is the real laboratory of democracy. So I wanted to have that feeling in the song, too.”

Source: Brain Pickings continued here

Democracy – Leonard Cohen

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Share Your World 6-23-19

Keep it alive

New weekly sharing post from Melanie of Sparks from a Combustible Mind ;


Are you more a thinker or a doer? (credit to Cyranny of Cyranny’s Cove for this one)

I am a doer. The truth is that I am ( unfortunately) such an impulsive person that I sometimes think after doing things. And then I have plenty of time to regret my actions. But the upside is that I get lot of things done in my hurry.

Why is beauty associated with mortality?

If we associate beauty with the concept of things diminishing with time just like health diminishes with age, there is a great parallel here. And a lesson too. People sometimes don’t see the logical order of how things happen in life. All things that go up, have to come down. And everyone who lives , ages and ultimately dies. Same is with beauty which looses…

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