#Troiku: Spiderweb

Charmed Chaos

spiderweb anchored
vibrating in morning breeze
a captive insect

to a tree, a bush, the ground
delicate silk strands
shimmer in the rain

centered spiral shines
golden sun illuminates
intricate design

Author’s Note:It is Troiku Month at Carpe Diem. The haiku given to work with is:

Spiderweb anchored
To a tree, a bush, the ground
Centered spiral shines

© Calvin Olson (2016)

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai: #1679 Troiku Spiderweb

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Poetry published in “An elephant never”-“The day begins again”

Megha's World

So thrilled to receive the acceptance of two of my poems for the poetry journal ” An Elephant Never”. So thankful tot he EIC Andre Lepine for supporting my work.

An elephant never is a journal inspired by our favorite pachyderm and each week, they offer truncated tales (flash fiction), rumbling rhymes (poetry), elephant art, and creative nonfiction on a variety of themes.

One of my poems got published today and the second one will be published later.

Do read the published pome here and share your view.

Happy Blogging!

Megha Sood

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Sweet Wait

Confab With Me

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