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Sacred Touches

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 10.47.18 PM.pngThis exquisite beauty is an antique rose named SOUVENIR DE MALMAISON. Sadly she one of the roses we lost last year. We not sure why they perished, but it might have been the excessive spring rains of last spring. Whatever the reason, it was a sad occurrence and I miss this one. Althrough I’ve bought 14 new ones to replace what we lost, she’s a climber and we just didn’t have room for another climber.

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Another Song

Sarah Doughty

“So please, sing me another song.
Let me get lost in you.”

It was the way your voice varied on the wind. That mysterious timbre, sounding like it came from more than one person, singing in some strange harmony. It reminded me of wolves howling in the night and I felt a shiver travel down my spine. But it wasn’t from fear. It felt as though something deep within me awakened. And whatever part of me that was alive at last understood on some cellular level that your voice was the most beautiful thing is ever heard. I knew then. I’d never want to hear anything but the songs you could sing to me.

© Sarah Doughty

So please,
sing me another song.
Let me get lost
in you.

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Writing Prompt #23-Is that a ……?

Keep it alive

What I see in the clouds……

There was a time when the imagination ran wild. The time of my childhood when I could look up to the sky and see a million images in the clouds. If I try I can bring back that fanciful way of thinking. I would look up in the sky and see a carriage drawn by four majestic horses or maybe it’s a huge ship sailing away to find the hidden treasures in far of oceans. Or are these pink fairies dancing in the garden. Or is that a golden palm giving shade in an oasis in the desert.

There is absolutely no limit to our imagination and as children we used to use our imagination to see the wondrous and the extraordinary in the most mundane and ordinary things.

Why and when do we stop using our imagination?

I suppose it’s the growing up…

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