Underneath the Stars (Poem 2019 – 36)

Blue Sky Days 365

when all the world’s in darkness
its colours under blackness
and rustling leaves on branches
the only sounds around us

the warmth of day has faded
as sun for moon is traded
and fragrant blooms are scented
when gentle breeze ascendent

with heartbeats loudly pounding
our breathing synchronizing
your flesh on mine arousing
unite underneath the stars

copyright © 2019 Karen Horsley

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“As Little as Possible” – Nayana Nair

it rains in my heart

the broken have found love again.

again they will forget all
that they promised they would never forget.

they talk of hobbies, talk of news,
talk of things that are easy to agree upon.
they talk about breaking down walls at lunch
and stay awake at night
getting rid of every part of themselves
that could spoil this love.

they tell themselves that this time
they will want less, expect lesser,
and love as little as possible
they try to love with their masks on
hoping that it would be easier,
but knowing all the while that it won’t be.

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The Last Seconds

Sarah Doughty

“Sometimes, surviving is the hardest
part of living. Because I felt
my heart die with you.”

In the middle of all that chaos, my eyes locked with yours and I could see it in your eyes. That final acceptance that it was the last time we’d ever see each other again. And as I heard my name booming toward me from the distance, I knew there was no time to try to save you. Or to stay with you and say goodbye to our lives at the same time. Together. As we were always meant to be. But the choice was made for me when you turned your back and ran back into the fray, giving me those few precious seconds to get away. As much as it broke me in that moment, knowing it was your final wish for me to survive, I still hesitated. But the damage was…

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Lacking Singing Talent, Here’s Why I Won’t Stop – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Trust me, you never want to hear me singing. The phrase ‘can’t carry a tune in a bucket applies.’ While I love music, the only time I allow myself to sing and dance is while I do my chores. I have a strict prerequisite of an empty house, and the volume cranked to ear-splitting decibels. I accomplish my work at a breakneck pace and creativity spurs me to return to my desk.

My real joy is composing as I listen to my favorite tunes. The rhythms keep words flowing and my fingers typing. It is very productive and dreamy. Though in my daydreams, instead of riding on a garbage truck, I prefer flying through town on a fire engine destined to save a cat from a tree.

Does your writing let your voice sing?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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I Will Never Be Gone ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

Walt's Writings

We all have an idea
Of who we want to be
How we want to be remembered
Artists hope it will be
For their paintings
Songwriters for their songs
Musicians for their music
Authors for their writing
Poets for their poetry
As a Poet, I of course hope
It’s for my poems
But as a man, I also hope
It is for my kindness,
For how I have treated people
Especially those who could do
Nothing for me
I hope that when I pass away
Someone says

”He may have passed away,
But he will never be gone”

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2019 All Rights Reserved

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