40 cents more…


40 cents more


I called Scotland at 10pm, hoping for a proper goodbye. Beautiful Sheena answered her telephone and she  told me, Johnnie, I forgave you, We held love for a second and you taught me, love was sweet, love is bleeding and tears. I heard you suffered and please Johnnie. We wanted everything too fast, we grasp love and love was enough.

Operator came on. Told me 40 cents more for three minutes more.

I told her. I love you still and I pray you found the happiness you deserve. I go to the lake and dream of us, I learn too late, You were my Scottish girl dream and I didn’t know. Love was rare and so damns sweet.


Dear Sheena begin to cry and she whispered. I loved you once, Johnnie and I don’t love you no-more. Broken heart had healed and I won’t ever forget…

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Please kiss me and tell me I am the only one.

Come and enjoy one of John’s Best!!!


  Please kiss me and tell me I am the only one…

She had waited a thousand days for him. War and confusion had made their love wait.  They shared a 100 letters. Each letter adding to a bond that could not be broken. She dreamed about a timeless love that would expand and multiply. She prayed he had not forgotten her.

He dreamed of a kind woman, she kept him safe and sound. He remembered the auburn hair beauty and her tender kiss. Kisses so sweet, stole his fear of heartbreak away and the warmth of her kisses made him dream and come alive again.

He wrote to her.
Dear Julie….
I will be home soon. All I do is think of you. I need to see your beautiful face and hold you close. This time my love. I won’t release you. I hope you still need me. You…

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Dear Goddess….


Dear Goddess

I remember you dear Goddess. You were with me on my long walks on the  Pacific ocean.

You were the view from the ridge of a great mountains where you showed me your perfect beauty, perfect canvas of nature.

I have tried to touch your kind gifts with appreciation and concern. I love the sea, the great valleys of flowers and the secret and hidden places where the mountain ranges goes forever.

I loved your song. I loved the whispering of dancing sea, the free land and laughing children. You taught me.

Life is my decision. To love the earth and dance gently upon her. You are our lifeblood and gift to appreciate and protect.

Dear Goddess. Thank you for the new day and opportunity to dance with the sea, to sing with the wind and to celebrate the free gifts of nature.

Dancing Coyote

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We need more love words and beautiful Tanya Tucker song.


We need more love words…

The old house is quiet now. Once the three bedrooms house was filled with children and laughter. Once I had solid people near, strong people to sit with and talk to.

Now the old man asked Lake St. Clair. Did I tell the kind people I knew. I loved them and they were my anchor. Did I make enough time for them? When we are young. We believe we will live forever and the people we depended on, who befriended us and loved us, they would live forever.

Now I sit on the stones near the Lake St. Clair and I whispered a prayer.
“Hello Grandmother, I miss your sweet voice and I love you so.

Hello dear grandfather, thank you for teaching me to be a good man.

Dear father, did I tell you. You were the greatest man I ever knew?

I am…

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The fallen man wanted nothing, the fallen man accepted his sadness. Once upon a life, he wanted everything. Love was near, great dreams were possible. Now the fallen man told his friends. Love is just myth and tale, we shall go-on, accept less, become one more man, who accepted his life, as-is.


Solitary man drank the whiskey slowly on a lonely hill, he was waiting for no-one. He heard, someone called his name, dear Brigitte ran to him and she fell at his feet. She whispered as she embraced him. Johnnie, Johnnie, where have you been? I was told you went crazy and became the running man. Drinking alone and training for a running event. He looked at her sea blue eyes and he told her. Dear Brigitte, I am okay, just keeping busy and so good to see you. She kissed his face many times and…

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Reviews of Get The Draft Done! Helping Writers Finish Their First Draft by Charles F. French

charles french words reading and writing


Must Read for Writers!

“As a writer, I have always found writing the first draft of my novel to be a daunting process. I had the novel idea, had some idea of how I wanted it to start, and how I wanted it to end. But after reading this book, I now feel I have the tools and confidence I need to get my first draft done without any obstacles!

I definitely consider this book a must-read for any writer who is struggling with their first draft! And if you’re looking for a good recipe for an omelette, this book has that as well.”

Do you write? Then you have to do drafts and need this book

“Ah, the draft!! Any writer knows good work takes many drafts and edits. This book will help you get it done and done correctly.”

The book is a treasure.

“For five long years…

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Pinprick of Blue

Come and enjoy this!

My Window

Pinprick of Blue

Each morning I stand for a while in awe,
in front of the windows facing East.
I drink into my being the wonder of Sun’s rise;
Gradually the beauty colours my inner Self.

As the sun dramatically but calmly spreads its rays
filling the sky in glorious hues,
Colours that give praise
superior to the flight of words.

How lucky I am to share this rhythmic splendour
as Earth and sun dance.

I have seen it over oceans, over mountains
Over forests and fields,
over rooftops in hamlets and towns.

I still dream of seeing
the sun rise over desert dunes.

And yet, from Mars, our planet is but a pinprick,
pale blue , they say.
I would be homesick.
Simply loving Earth too much.

© miriam ivarson

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500th – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

flashlight batteries - Ali Grimshaw

"The decision we face is not to chart the perfect way forward; it is simply to embark on a journey. Once we’ve taken a step forward, the work will teach us where to take a second step, and then a third, and so on. Purpose does not reveal itself to those sitting safely at the starting block. In other words, you don’t plan your way into finding your purpose. You live into it.”
- JacquelineNovogratz500th I guess I can't call it an accident it's time to admit, intentionality. Claiming my inner poet five years ago (a birthday gift to myself) has led to this my 500th post. I would have given up sharing, long ago, if it hadn't been for you you reading, then reflecting back your thoughts in return. Knowing the aloneness of darkness I started with the desire to reach just one share my flashlight…

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