The lady near the sea

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The lady near the sea

A rainy and gloomy night in New Orleans in the Winter of 1992. Johnnie tried to drink away the heaviness of things left behind. He sat alone near the sea and he told the world to f-off, he told the Army to f-off. He drank the tequila heavily and he whispered to the sea. Dear Gulf of Mexico, thank you for the quiet night and the gentle wind. He left Fort Hood in the early morning and he wanted his feet to touch the coldness of the Winter sea today. He brought some white sage to burn and a dozen bottles of the tequila.

He loved the city of New Orleans. The people befriended him and they left him be. He was a kindred spirit in the city of the rising sun. He carry his books of Hemingway, Salinger and Kosinski in the old backpack…

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I don’t remember how you looked


I don’t remember how you looked

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Old thoughts and the desires to remember faces lost in time."

                                I don’t remember how you look

I don’t remember how you look.
Your eyes were blue, maybe hazel green?
I don’t know if your hair was golden blond or
maybe strawberry red?

I tried to describe you and each time I remember less.

I tried to envision you in my mind.
Each time I try. I remember less.

Sometime I dream of grasping your long hair.
Our bodies fighting each other for the sake of pure
pleasure only.
You calling out my name.
Sweet words of love spoken in the turmoil of sex.
Just kind words to reward the fulfillment of the body,
not the heart.

I yearn to see you still.
Your hello’s were so sweet.
The goodbyes were long and written deep on the

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Love and hate…


A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"I wrote this back inn 1993. Young woman wanted everything and nothing. I told her life is long and hard. We must try to be kind."                     

Love and Hate…

 She spoke of love and hate in the same sentence.

I asked her did she know the difference?

She wanted my affection and she wanted to escape.

Somewhere our love had turn dirty,

like love was drowning her somehow.

I asked does she want to be free?

A tear rolled down her young beautiful face.

I told her “life is a bloody roller coaster ride.

The decision of to give or to take.

It is our road to decide?

Today it may not matter.

All things good and bad  will fade away with time, hurt less.

I don’t hold on to things that desire  to be free, freedom is the last childhood-dream we shall remember. The…

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Poetry Published in Visual Verse Vol 08 Chapter 02

Megha's World


Elated to see my prose poem ”Living Fallacy”in the London/Berlin based Monthly Ekphrastic journal “Visual Verse”. So thrilled to share the space with so many brilliant voices in the literary community. Do read their collection of top 100 poems in response to the visual prompt.

You can read my poem “Living Fallacy” here

Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood

Image byOscar Ukonu

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never changed ~


I’ve been waiting
out the winter –
for another sweet hello
as headlights press
the darkness like a ghost
there’s a map
inside my dresser –
silver lines against the blue
doesn’t matter
where we start
if I’m with you

my faith
is resurrected –
at the whisper of your name
a sigh of signs
and still my heart obeys
I can’t recall
the reasons
or how many roads
all I know is
all I need
to breathe again

the locks were never changed
to fit another
no plans for getting on
for getting by
don’t let the time it takes
be all that matters –

the sun still waits
all morning
for the night

. . .

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