By Keza / Spiritedsoul And Charles Robert Lindholm / The Reluctant Poet

Love Is Never Out Of Season,
It Goes With Spring And Summer
Autumn And Winter
It’s Perfect With Them All

But I Don’t Think
That Will Be True
For You And I

It Seems I Will
Only Cause You Heartache,
Even Though Your Inner Fire
Puts Millions Of Sparks
Into My Heart And Soul
It Hasn’t Ignited
A Raging Fire
Or An Endless Love

Deep In My Heart I Know
That I’m Just Hurting You So
If It’s Time You Think I Need
I’ll Tell You, I Cannot Nourish Love’s Seed

I Will Never Blossom
Into A Soulmate
Or The Forever Lover
You Long For

I Cannot Promise You
The Rest Of My Life
It Just Isn’t Right
When I Don’t Feel
As You Do

When I Gently Push You Away
I See The Sadness In Your Eyes,
It Only Makes You Want To Stay 
But, When It Comes To You And I,

You Really Must Be Honest
With Yourself – And Me 

I Know Cupid’s Arrow Has Hit Your Heart
And Letting Go Is Hard To Do, But
I Think It’s Best If We Just Part
So You Can Find Your One And Only

Copyright © 2020 Keza / Spiritedsoul And Charles Robert Lindholm / The Reluctant Poet – All Rights Reserved – 09-29-2020 – 5:00 p.m.
Writings with Keza is always a joy!!


By Keza/Spiritedsoul And Charles Robert Lindholm

Why Does A Heart
That Loves
So Deeply,
Have To Suffer,
Have To Get Broken,
Once Again

Over And Over
Time After Time
Falling For Lovers
That Will Never
Stay Mine

It Can’t Keep Going
On This Way, When Can I Have One
That Won’t Walk Away

I Give My Heart
But When Will I I Learn,
That I Need To Have One,
In Return,
From One That Will
Love Me Forever

Too Many Memories
Still Stay In My Mind
Long Lost Lovers
From  A Far Away Time

Haunting My Dreams
And Whispering Lies
Bringing Back Heartaches
And Tears To My Eyes

How Long Must I Wait
For Time To Heal
The Scars And The Hurts
I’m Forced To Feel

No One Is Flawless
Least Of All Me,
But True Love
Accepts Us
And Let’s Us Be,
In Spite Of It All

And So I Hope,
My Lips Will Soon Kiss
My Forever Lover,
Once Time Has Mended
My Humpty Dumpty Heart

Copyright © 2020 Keza-Spiritedsoul And Charles Robert Lindholm-The Reluctant Poet
All Rights Reserved – 09-11-2020 – 6:30 A.M.

Writing with Keza is such a pleasure! I so love it because it is like magic!!
Always hope for more!!!