Don’t Stop, Stopping by my blog!  I will be posting older original work!!

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone one of my followers and readers for supporting my blog and the postings I have made of my work but mainly of reblogs/sharing the works of other great writers over the last two years.

I have been stockpiling most of my original work in preparation of self publishing two poetry books.  This is going to take me time to ramp up and get things going so I have had to make a very painful decision to Step away from reblogging every day.  I’m going to see if I might be able to fit in one or two days a week, but no promises.

I will be reposting my own original work each day.  Probably one or two pieces and maybe some inspirational quote or information!!  I’m hoping I can get the books ready sooner than I fear and get back to reblogging and writing.  Some have asked why I reblog the works of others so much and just don’t limit what I post to my own work like most authors on WordPress.

Well, for me it’s a matter of :

#1  I love to read great poetry and reblogging motivates me to read more poetry;

#2  I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to find inspirational gems or seeds of inspiration in the writings of others – a word, a title, a phrase or idea that sparks the creation of a poem of my own.  I am indebted to many of you for being inspirators to my work!!  Thank you so much for that!!

#3  I have always loved to share things that I love with others, good recipes, good movies, good books and Great Poetry!!  It has been an honor and privilege to share posts by so many of you for so long!  I will really, really miss that!!  Thank you so much!!

#4  I will dearly miss the opportunity to find and keep great friendships through my reblogging.  I will still be reading but definitely not as voraciously as I did while reblogging.  Thank you to everyone for taking your valuable time over the last two years to come view, comment and support my blog and all the other writers who I was able to spotlight and share with you.  I hope you enjoyed all of your visits and found my blog worthy of your precious time!!

Since I am not going to be reblogging like before I’m hoping that some of you will take the time and effort to share the work of others whose words touched your heart with your own followers by reblogging.  Pass it Forward!

I will still be up and about on WordPress so come visit my blog and catch up on some of my earlier posts before you may have started following me!!  I appreciate your visits to my archives too!

Thanks for every view, comment and all your support for me and my blog over the last two years!!!
See You on WordPress!

Wishing you health, happiness, love and great writing!!
Chuck Lindholm
The Reluctant Poet