Can cry a tear…


Can cry a tear

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Old poetry. When heart was hopeful and strong."

 Can cry a tear

(Written in1980)

My heart still can a tear.

A tear of loneliness,
a loneliness of losing you completely.

I could of survive without your kiss.

But never see your beautiful face.
Blessing me with your knowledge and
your love of life.

Is much more difficult to forget.

Days have past since our parting day.
Your memory is tattoo on my heart and mind.

Sometime so heavy.
Even the thought of you can make me feel
weaken. Not to tears anymore.

The tears had faded away on a Winter night long ago when
I left you alone with tears and a final goodbye.

You are always on my mind.
I dreamed you came to my door.
Your beautiful blue eyes looking into my eyes.
I reach for you and I…

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Big Sur, a-dreaming..


Big Sur, a-dreaming.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"I need a trip. You are invited. Most beautiful and peaceful place. Big Sur, Ca. "

                    Big Sur, a-dreaming.

A un-mark road with a small sign will lead you to a hidden beach on Highway 2.

A small path will lead you to paradise.

A beach not safe for swimming.

But climbing into the rocks. Being one with the sea..

The waves will dance around you. You can sit and write.

The view has no equal for the eyes to see.

Pfiefer Beach is a  nude beach.

Famous for beautiful and sexy people.

The sea will steal the hunger from your eyes.

To view the beauty of the naked young woman on the sand..

I wish to drink wine at the River Inn.

Listen to the music and hear the voices of the Poets and musicians.

I was crazy then. Not so crazy today.

I remember…

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I will love you forever and a day..


“I will love you forever and a day”

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Written in 1978. Memories are like a good wine. Better with time."  ”

I will love you forever and a day”.

A serene and tranquil day.

She took my hand and she whispered.
“My laughing American.
Life is hard.
Love can be sweet and
wine gets better with time.
Please come with me.
Let’s salvage our emotion and desire.”

“Youth will be discarded.
We will be exile to adults.
Who will lose the treasures of the tender touch
and the sweet sensation of true passion.”

I asked her “When we lose the thrill of the dance?
Emotion and gentleness recede to children dreams.
Will only the debris of youth be left?
Will I forsake your beautiful face and memory?”

Leonard Cohen was playing softly in the small apartment.

By the light of soft burning candles.

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Love and hate…


Love and hate

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"A old poem from 1978. Youth allow the mind to ponder without fear of failure."

   Love and hate

Sitting by the Monterey bay alone.
Thinking about a missed woman.
I made a wish.
It wasn’t the first star,
but I made the wish anyway.

Stars so very bright, so many I can’t count them.
I have a wish.
A wish for a woman with the hungry eyes.

Eyes that make a man beg for forgiveness,
before accomplishing any wrong deeds.

I wish to be tied up in a love.
Where only the road to hell will bring peace.

Wishes are fool’s notions.
The only wish that will come true is when you find death.

I will sing a fool’s notion.
Make a wish.
Maybe some twisted God will bring me to her.

I will look into her eyes.
Feel weak from …

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