By Charles Robert Lindholm

How long will you let me – Burn?
in the fire you started
with your look
with your kiss
with your touch

When will you come
and Quench
the fire in my temple?

When will you let your
love flow all over me
and give me the relief
and the release from
the aching and pain
of the fire in my heart
and the fire in my soul
that you let – burn?

When will you quench
the fire you set in me? 

When will you be
will you ever be


Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm



By Charles Robert Lindholm

In A Playful Moment
She Caught Me
Totally Off Guard
With A Blindside Kiss

Friends For Years
But Near The End
Of Our First Date
I Never Expected This

She Quickly Took My Face
Between Her Soft Hands
And I Was Captured As She
Put Her Eager Lips On Mine

Not A Stranger
To A Passionate Kiss
I Learned That Night
What I’d Been Missing
From Her Plundering Tongue

Like A Saber Thrusting
And A Taste So Sweet
Her Tongue Taught Mine
To Fight And Dance The Tango
To Land Like A Butterfly
And Duel With Delight
The Most Passionate Kiss
In A Lifetime That Night

Only Once
With Her Wild
And Plundering Tongue
But The Memory
Was Etched
On My Heart

We Never
Had Another Date
For I Was Late In Asking
And I Curse The Fool That I Am

She Said Yes To Another
Who Captured Her Heart
And Her Plundering Tongue

With A Ring

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved
7.3.2018 @6:12 a.m.

In Memory Of Donna Brinkerhoff Who Passed Away From Breast Cancer At 33 Leaving Behind A Loving Husband, Two Beautiful Girls Under 5 And A Fool Who Wonders, “What If” From Time To Time In His Dreams!