Allie’s Song to Noah

I want to introduce you to My Dear Friend, Singledust and her wonderful and beautiful writings if you don’t already know her. Please visit her blog for yourself. Since starting to blog I have been blessed to call Singledust My Friend and a big supporter of what I have written. She has been a perfect example of why blogging is so great. She has been one of my biggest “Inspirators”!!
The support and admiration for the writings of Singledust has been something that has been irresistible for me once I read her work. Her recent poem, “Let Me” left me so moved that I found myself to be almost in a trance where I began writing intertwining lines with her poem.
Perhaps you have been fortunate enough to experience this glorious state of being forced to write during or after reading something that reached in and touched your heart from the heart of a writer. If you have then you know how high your spirits fly! If you haven’t, then I wish this for you, sooner rather than later.
I almost felt ashamed to admit that I dared to do what I had done. I pulled all my courage together and braved speaking with Singledust about what I had done but was also so bold as to propose an imagined situation where these lines could be merged together in a sort of “Poetry Duet”. To my utter delight and surprise I was relieved to hear that she loved it and wanted to post our “Duet”. So, you have seen a perfect example of what a beautiful and caring soul is Singledust.
It is with the deepest honor and privilege that I introduce you to My Friend, Singledust and to our “Duet” – “Allie’s Song For Noah”. We both hope you enjoy it and that it touches your hearts in the way it did mine!!
The Reluctant Poet – Charles Robert Lindholm


3-21-02017 at 5:15 p.m. The First Day of Spring

The Notebook has been a movie that charmed young and old, telling a love story that spanned a lifetime. This is a little fan fiction, a collaboration between myself, and Charles Robert Lindholm, (The Reluctant Poet).  Just before the first day of spring I wrote a piece of poetry – “Let Me”, which inspired a line by line response from Charles.

Humor us and play along with this bit of fantasy giving the original Notebook an alternate ending (never seen in the movie). Hope you enjoy the “little duet” we have here! Story and idea all Charles! I just helped put it all together!

“Allie’s Song To Noah” (Not Seen In A Film)

Noah, helps his wife, Allie, now with less memory due to Alzheimers, back to her room at the facility and onto the bed for her afternoon nap.  As…

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