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Keep it alive

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We hadn’t done a picture prompt for quite some time, so here it is

The piece you generate can be fiction, poetry, essay, art, photographs, or anything else that your creativity brings forth.


You sit here calmly while the world burns

Everything looks normal to you as it all implodes

Not a crease on your forehead nor a tear in your eyes

As this beautiful world is being divided up, torn apart

Brother against brother, walls of lies separating, segregating

When will you wake up from your lethargic apathy

And try to save your world from the beasts that are savaging it?




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Maybe to get me through???

Kevin Parish

Hello my sweet and precious WordPress family peeps!

I hope you are all happy, safe, healthy and doing well!

I am contemplating placing some of my paintings out here to see what kind of microfiction stories or poetry they might glean…

I dabble in abstract acrylic pourings, and I am always fascinated by the interpretations of what people see in these paintings.

So, with that in mind, and in lieu of my muse making me wait like a good, innocent, loving couple for their eventual wedding night, I think I like this idea.

I was in my new painting area (basement) while flooring is being installed upstairs and I was looking at several of my paintings and thinking of what I was seeing… Then, in a flash, I wondered if this might be an opportunity to see what inspiration some of them might bring to my WP peeps…

I like…

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Walt's Writings


It’s something that I crave
Something I need to do
Something that completes me

It is a reflection of myself
A window to my feelings
And my beliefs
A need that flow through my veins

It is my creative spirit
My artistry using words
A longing that is always there
My way of relieving stress

These cravings are a portrait
of my inner being
Whether good or bad
it’s me

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2020 All Rights Reservedl

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Christmas Is Coming

Walt's Writings

Christmas Is Coming

I can feel it coming
getting closer everyday
sneaking through all the medicare ads
giving us something
to look forward to

the music lifts our spirits
gives us hope
takes our minds off all the
sickness and death if only
for a few moments

it reminds us to keep going
to never give up
to not get discouraged
I can feel it in the air
I see it in the children’s excitement

Christmas is coming
Santa will be wearing a mask
but he is coming
just like he always does

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2020 All Rights Reserved

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Sometimes When It Rains

Walt's Writings

Sometimes When It Rains

Sometimes when it rains
she loves to go walking
snuggled inside
her warm rain jacket

Walking in the rain
is a sanctuary for her
a time when she can
create her poetry

it is her time alone
to be inspired
she loves being with her family
and she loves creating her poetry

those of us who follow her poetry
are blessed with her friendship
we know she is probably out walking
and we look forward to her new poems

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2020 All Rights Reserved

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A Faded Romantic's Notebook

Walking today

beneath bold blue

winter skies,

golden light,

rolling fields

hedges and trees

sheep and cows

horses and alpacas

rabbits and squirrels

and countless birds

oh, and a fox

but not a single

human soul.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

I wrote this exactly a year ago. Yet it seems to have come from another world, another time. A pre-Covid world when solitude was a luxury, not a necessity. And a time in my life when I felt a little less mortal. Not only that, but today is as dark and dreary, wet and miserable as any winter’s day can be. So I post this to remind myself there was, there is, and there will be, sunshine.

Art was taken from the internet, source unknown. If this is yours please advise and I will credit the work as yours, or remove.

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Heartstring Eulogies

“You are everything to me.
So, please tell me you’re here to stay.”

When I found you, my world began to change. You gave me the means to find my voice after a lifetime’s worth of silence. And I found that my heart and soul could at last sing out into the world without feeling as though it was only a vast emptiness that listened. You are everything to me. So, please, tell me you’re here to stay.

© Sarah Doughty

Thank you
for everything
you’ve given me.

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Monsters And Survivors

Heartstring Eulogies

“And you know what?
I deserve to be treated like I matter.
Because I do.”

Maybe it’s naïvety to trust someone who should be a friend. Maybe it’s just the good parts of me hoping that there is good in others. That maybe, I am not a means to an end. Something to be used, rather than cherished for who I am. But, I think that’s what sets me apart from those who take advantage of others. I lived through hell. And rather than spreading my pain around, I choose to be light. Good. I choose to rise above and beyond better. And you know what? I deserve to be treated like I matter. Because I do.

© Sarah Doughty

No one deserves to be used,
bullied, or otherwise hurt.

Monsters and survivors
are mutually exclusive.

I survived hell.
I can certainly survive you.

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how far can my poetry go
that I will never know
I pray it goes way beyond
beyond the gaps of my bleeding lines
farther than my thoughts could travel
louder than my rhythm could utter
faster than my verses could tickle
but one thing for sure though
know my dear
every word
every syllable
every rhythm
every rhyme
and every verses
is filled with magical wishes
of desiring to be where you are
right at the moment
the very moment
my poetry bleeds for you
in as much as my soul longs for yours
just like the deep dark clouds
that one huge rain
turns into a one giant downpour

For kate’s friday fun

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