In the Go Dog Go Tree Top Cafe

Here is a delightful and warm description by our lovely Gina of Singledust about the Go Dog Go Cafe and her charming invitation to you to come join in the fun with all the gang! The Go Dog Go Cafe is the poetry version of “Cheers”!

When Gina came in everybody yelled – GINA!!!! So please accept the heartfelt invitation of Gina and all the other wonderful and talented writers at the Cafe that are waiting to Welcome You! The first cup of coffee is on me!! Steve will put it on my Tab!! So read this and then head on over to the Cafe and join us!


bty Monday writing at coffee shop

Sitting in a café reading and writing is one of my guilty pleasures. I don’t get a chance to do this often enough. Last Monday morning was the rare occasion I managed it and it was such a lovely time. I will make extra effort to do it again on a regular basis.

But I was alone in that café, and while the solitude made for good writing and reflection having a group of friends to share it with is equally fulfilling to a writer, poet or even just a book lover like me.

I am fortunate that I have another “Café” I can go to without planning to take time off work. It’s a very friendly place filled with warm, talented and inspiring people I am privileged to sit with and have a coffee and chat.

That Café is accessible to anyone who wants…

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Clair de lune…or Black Dog

Please welcome my Friend, Holly of Please enjoy her lovely and delicate piece Claire de lune …or Black Dog! Scroll down and click on the music link before reading. It makes the piece even more wonderful!

Holly recently had her old blog hacked and lost all of her data on followers, comments, well, everything but her content. If You have previously been a follower please visit her site and click Follow again or if you like what you see on Your first visit you can follow too. Please give Holly your support and kind thoughts. Just remember – “There but for the Grace of God, go I”!!

House of Heart

Night birds   sing   Clair de lune

from  a slender branch where the solemn moon

casts shy beams unsure if it should seek her out.

It’s light plays hide and seek in the crowns of  trees

skipping from leaves to grassy weeds where

wildflowers close their porticoes to hummingbirds

dipping in and out then flitting off into the night.

A  spectator view of  collapsing clouds darken

to deeper shades of sighs and an old black dog

on silent paws lies down beside her.


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To Close The Book

I would like to introduce you to Jennifer Fifield of jennannsd blog and her insightful and moving piece – To Close The Book. Please enjoy and go visit Jennifer’s blog and other works!

the writing life

c1b3b9b0She let the phone ring and ring. No answer.

She sent text after text. No response.

As the waves crashed nearby, she fought the tears, the heartbreak, and the stress of her confusion.

He was pretending they had never happened.

And she needed to close the book.

So she did.

Au Revoir: A Tiny Fiction Series

Written by Jennifer Fifield

Image by Unsplash

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