Fear is a lie.

Learn the truth about fear!

Thriving Under Pressure


Don’t be fooled by fear.

Look it directly in the eye.

Fear distorts reality.

Fear exaggerates the truth.

Step back. Take a pause.

 Remember who you are.

You have overcome great adversity.

You have faced this phantom before.

The wolf is an optical illusion.

Only your strength, your courage, and your untapped superpowers are real.


How do you break free from the illusion of fear?

Understanding Fear: Identifying Cognitive Distortions
Overcoming Fear: Fixing Cognitive Distortions

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Thanksgiving invocation

Come read a most beautiful – “Thanksgiving Invocation”

Shawn L. Bird

May we each be thankful for the friends that surround us, the trials that strengthen us, the work of our hands, and the joy in our lives.

(c) Shawn L Bird.  Free use within Rotary, but please give credit, and identify in the comments below, the name of your club and the date  you used it.

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Come find out what we are left with in “Antinome”.

A. P. Christopher

We’re left with naught but long goodbyes
And tears that say, “I swear, I tried.”
To keep our words, we broke our lies
And fears have come to answer

We’re left as naught but moments passed
As wind and rain that briefly crashed
To keep our now, we broke our past
And what shall come hereafter?

We’re left with less than what we wished
With solemn waves and hopes dismissed
To keep our vows, we broke our tryst
And questions stayed unanswered

We’re left as less than what we were
As candles spent with wicks submerged
To keep our way, we lost our words
And silence looms thereafter

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