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https://pixabay.com/en/cup-restaurant-drinks-business-2884058/ *** SOMEONE TO TALK TO *** Someone to talk to Easily and without fear A fellow soulmate ***

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Is Online Dating Embarrassing?

I am very happy with the soulmate I found online and have been with for the last 19 years!!

Debatably Dateable

The date had gone well and he was walking me to my car when instead of asking about our second date he says “we gotta start thinking about what we’re going to tell people about how we met”. Honestly, I was a little taken back. Should I be offended? Is he embarrassed of me? about how we met?

Of course, I couldn’t really be offended because I had similar thoughts just last week. Dating apps are where all the people who have been rejected in their real life congregate. Honestly though, that’s not exactly true. If you work really long hours or in an industry predominately populated by the gender you’re not interested in then you’re just not meeting enough people in the outside world that you could even consider dating. When I first joined online dating, I was in college surrounded mainly by college guys who were only interested…

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