We make the floorboards creak at night…

Do not miss this wonderful and beautiful depiction of sneaking out of the house – “We Make The Floorboards Creak At Night”


tumblr_o5j8waec2s1qh0z32o1_500We make the floorboards creak at night…

We make the floorboards creak at night
You and I— tiptoeing, barefoot
Your whispers tickling my ears,
Hands slithering my back
The crickets chirp teasingly
As we dash to the grassy field
Ah, how can the world sleep
Without watching the moon and stars?

Art illustration by Anders Røkkum

In response to dVerse’s Quadrille #43: Creak hosted by Grace.

I remember when I was a child, I used to sneak outside just to watch the night. I would climb the rooftop — careful not to make a noise but the roof always manage to betray me. There, in the open, I would lie to watch the moon and stars with my mom shouting at me to get back down.  “Five more minutes” , I used to ask.

Here’s to the lovers of the moon and stars.

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I Wanted

Come read the wonderings of what – might have been in “I Wanted”.

Poet's Corner

I wanted to be Steve Jobs
I wanted to be Joni Mitchell
I wanted to be Leonard Cohen
I wanted to be Carl Sagan,
Bobby Kennedy.
I wanted to be that person,
the one they’ll say years from now,
“yeah, whatever happened to him?”
The way people do, about certain
Rare, shining talents, like Joni, or Steve,
Or Carl. Mystery
that can’t be explained.

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