“Write on me”

Please read John’s “Write On Me”. Hear the plaintive plea – “Make me a story to never be forgotten.” A beautiful Love Poem – waiting for You! Please check out John’s other works.


Write on me

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just words


Write on me

The California Summer nights are here and you are with me my lover.
I told the night stars. Thank you for the  sacred mornings awaking with you near and the
long darkness of the night where we can lay bare and free.

I trace your skin with content hands and fingers.
Using my fingers to spread gentle lotion on long legs, perfect skin and wanting flesh.
You whisper to me. Sweet Poet, write on me. Make me a story to be never forgotten.
Make the sleeping Gods envy us and allow our love to become an eternal place for us and memory.

Your yearning eyes show me the perfect shade of love.
Where love can be wild and free.
In the deep midnight hours.
Two faithful hearts are finding the heat of love where captive hearts can…

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Catch a Firefly

Please welcome back Steve of Sailorpoet! Today will we “Catch A Firefly” as Steve takes us on a childhood journey after Fireflies through to his moving ending! Please visit Steve’s other great works!

Heart of time

Please enjoy “Heart of Time” from TheDarkestFairytale. Learn what happens “When Souls Merge”.

Please visit TheDarkestFairytale blog.

The Darkest Fairytale

Let’s dance together
One last night,
I’ll follow your rhythm
As you hold me tight.
I’ll take in your scent
As I feel you breathe,
We’ll sway into the night
Before I have to leave.
Our hearts will beat
In tune together,
When souls merge
We’ll dance forever.
If we don’t meet again
That would be fine,
Memories will freeze
In the heart of time.


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