Come feel and enjoy “Lustful”.



No matter who I’m driving to, I’m always thinking of you.

Tracing your soft edges with my eyes, I’m stuck in the thought of being wrapped in your arms.

Lost in focus. How will your toned skin feel against mine? It’s nothing I can explain, I’ve never faced a desire I can’t out-win and I hate my inability to face that I can’t keep up with its pace.

You’re stealing hours of my day. My sleepless nights now revolve around lips I haven’t tasted, a neck I haven’t caressed, and skin that’s so god damn close to mine.

I’m so far behind.

All I want is a forceful kiss with your arms around my neck and my back against the wall. Your lips traveling down my neck and you’re all over me. Your skin is just two layers away from mine and your smell stains mine. I don’t want to…

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