IF The Militant Negro™ Reblogs Your Post…..

If you blog to have eyeballs read what you have posted then you should know that reblogging, sharing, Press This and pingbacks provided by WordPress are a positive means to get more people to read what you posted, like what you posted and hopefully like what you have done enough to follow your blog.

If someone reblogs one of your posts you should consider it a compliment and a gift. Someone is trusting your work and words enough to share it with their followers. That my friends is an honor! It’s word of mouth promotion of your work that you didn’t have to pay for.

To any and all who have honored my works and me with a reblog, share, pingback or Press this I want to offer my sincere thanks for sharing it with your followers. And to the one person who has done the most for me I want to offer my deepest thanks and appreciation for all the reblogs and consistent support of my blog – Mr. Militant Negro!!! And hope you have the privilege of him reblogging one of your works. I have met many of my followers from reading reblogs of their works by Mr. Militant Negro!! Be gracious and say thanks!