loved, still

This is a stunning piece that shows you what it is like to be “Beloved”. This is a poem that is destined to be one of Singledust’s very best. As soon as I finished reading this it went into my “Lifetime Love It Box”. See if love it too!



I want to thank my ever growing family of followers for supporting my blog. It is one of my great joys to meet so many new and wonderful writers and friends from all over the world!!

I always love it when I can share something that seems wonderful to me with all of you. So, let me introduce you to Storyteller. Please Welcome a new friend and wonderful writer!!

We will be taking a look at her very moving poem “Harmony”. But before we do I would like you to know a little more about her in her own words – I think I will try and get her to license this to me to use also – I Love it.

Please check out Storyteller’s blog!!

They say “Life’s a journey”
I don’t know its true purpose but what I know for sure— it would be nothing without the people in it.

If you are reading this, you’re part of my journey.
My writings are a reflection of my thoughts, experiences, trials, learnings, moments of realisation and belief system.
‟To see the World in a Grain of Sand
And Heaven in a Flower
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour”
~Thank you for reading my stories, I hope you find them worthy of your Time~


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My Heart is empty

But it still aches

when I hear someone say your name

Related image

I turn around and there you are

Dancing with her

In perfect Harmony.

© 𝓈toryteller


H: Harmony

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My Type Of Love! 

I found this wonderful poem “My Type Of Love” by Shivee on and was very blessed from reading it and I hope you will feel the same.

Please read her full poem – but here is just a “taste” to tempt you for More!!!

“I still advise you to wear a smile and be kind,
be like the rain of happiness in drought, or a bright ray of hope,
share something that spreads in seconds like a little smile and lots of happiness, . . . so pass this small
piece of love, with a big cute smile,
with everyone you know, even with those whom you don’t,
choose whichever form you like a gift, a kiss, a hug or a smile,
or just a lovely poem like mine!

With much Love and a Warm Hug,


When you give love,

to someone whom you don’t even knowor to someone you do,it’s so wonderful!

A piece of your core values, your soul you share ,when you show a little care

In whichever form it is

care, respect,

a little favour, a lot of love,

a cute compliment, a warm shakehand,

or just a lovely smile it gives so much of good vibes,

there’s a lot of stress and everyone seems to be so depressed,

I still advice you to wear a smile and be kind,

be like the rain of happiness in drought, or a bright ray of hope,

share something that spreads in seconds like a little smile and lots of happiness,

bad and good things happen,

happiness is free so share it with everybody,

that jobless man who is fallen too many times,

every little child who will sleep hungry tonight,

that orphan…

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Checking in with a Reluctant Poet

Today I would like to introduce you to Mr. S., the writer and poet of the blog “Sailorpoet”. If you do not already know Mr. S. I will highly recommend you visit his site and check out his works. I have found My Friend to be a very entertaining and insightful writer whose works are at once impactful, deep, moving, romantic, humorous and just fun to read!

Mr. S. is one of the ringleaders of a growing community of wonderful writers who are connected and sharing with each other to further their skills and for the friendship of being with other like minded souls.

Mr. S. is one of the founding members of “The Inspirators Club” a little club I started for all of those who have provided me with a seed of inspiration for a poem later written by me. I am happy to say this club is steadily growing and Mr. S. is leading the charge to get a Clubhouse.

A perfect example of what a Prince Mr. S. is can be found in his many response and tribute poems to the works of other poets he has discovered and read. Mr. S. has a deep respect and dedication to the writings of others and likes to delve deep into the back catalog of writers. I was extremely blessed to have him do that for me!

Mr. S. and I share a fun connection that was started as a result of his comment on a post by DavyD about what time of day was the best time to write. And as a result He started a Meme of the poem I wrote “The Backside Of The Night”.

I have been “Reluctant” to reblog the piece he wrote about me but hope that you will focus on the words and thoughts of Mr.S. and make a definite effort to check out all of his works!!