tarnish the hero

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the grey room

the little girl says,
i wish i could be you.

the awe strangling the words
sends ice through her veins
so its no wonder
her voice is cold
when she replies,
i would wish for nicer things.

there isn’t enough time to explain
the truth laced between the lines
aim higher, do better,
you don’t want to be me.

she dulls the shine instead.

she did the girl a favor really.

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Guest Barista Megha Sood: Sparkle

Come read the beautiful lines and words – “Sparkle”

Go Dog Go Café

Megha 2

The sparkle in her eyes
as she sees him
the peaceful glean in her eyes
as he steps back in the household
It brings happiness
etched in her wrinkles
happiness radiating
from her crow’s-feet
A new wave of life and energy
flows through her old veins
the flash of happiness
through her cracked lips
the glow on her face
can put the sun to shame

The eternal wait and
constant worrying has
finally, come to an end
the moment he walks in
Her whole world is there
right at the moment
He is her epicenter again.

Her old bones have been
re-energized with the flow of
her love and passion
her instincts have been resurrected
from the deep slumber, they were in.
she again becomes
the epitome of care
making her mission
to shower her love
and gently wash away all his pain
Well, nothing can compare
the ecstasy of…

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Drawing the Line – #poetry #DecemberWriting

Please Don’t miss this elegant piece by Dorinda on her creative process!!

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

I have never known

where to draw the line

my fantasies, bleed out

from the end of a pencil

onto blank pages

where thoughts spill

without ink, splotches

of words, erased, replaced

then smeared again

by the brush of my hand

or is it my vision, blurring

the existing lines, a verse

left unattended because

I have fallen asleep

into yet another dream

Writing Prompt – Drawing the Line – Day 30/31

©2017 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0

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Happy New Year

Come and read Jerry’s ambitious list of New Year’s resolutions!!

Jerry Brotherton

Ok ladies and germs. 2018 is just over the hill and it is never too early to be thinking about the dreaded resolutions. I have never really made resolutions in the past. Partly because I know I won’t stick with them and mostly because I pretend to be cool like ‘The Fonz’. But here is my list anyway and this year I resolve to follow them until at least the 4th.


I’ll join the runners at the starting line

I will clean those pantry shelves

Make a promise to spend more time

Creating a healthier self

Throw away all the junk food

Maybe head down to the gym

Eat less, walk more

And make my body slim

I will learn a new language

Maybe how to knit or crochet

I will put away all my pennies

To save for a rainy day

I’ll quit smoking and cussing

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