The lady near the sea

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The lady near the sea

A rainy and gloomy night in New Orleans in the Winter of 1992. Johnnie tried to drink away the heaviness of things left behind. He sat alone near the sea and he told the world to f-off, he told the Army to f-off. He drank the tequila heavily and he whispered to the sea. Dear Gulf of Mexico, thank you for the quiet night and the gentle wind. He left Fort Hood in the early morning and he wanted his feet to touch the coldness of the Winter sea today. He brought some white sage to burn and a dozen bottles of the tequila.

He loved the city of New Orleans. The people befriended him and they left him be. He was a kindred spirit in the city of the rising sun. He carry his books of Hemingway, Salinger and Kosinski in the old backpack…

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