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A Great Post About “True Love”!

In Between

Tell me about True Love
Was it magical from the beginning?
Did you see him ruffle his hair from across the room
Then immediately get lost in his eyes?
Did it start with a six-hour phone call
Or were you the last two on the dance floor?
Did he tell you about the movies he loves
And did he wave his hands around like he does?
Were you enamored with watching him pitch
Or sitting shotgun while he drove stick?
Tell me about True Love
From the beginning
Was it True?

Tell me about True Love
Was it always so hard?
Did you know he would never focus
When he became stressed about the bills?
Did it shock you to raise children together
That you would never see eye-to-eye on how?
Did it hurt when he decided to take the side job
While you pleaded you could make the numbers…

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I wish my words

In Between

I wish my words meant more than this.
I wish my voice was more than noise.
That what I say not only be worth saying
but worth hearing
And what’s worth hearing
be worth heeding
And maybe what’s worth heeding would melt with the stuff that makes hearts beat

I wish I always remembered that my heartbeat doesn’t just keep me standing
It keeps me moving, dancing, worshiping, loving, connecting
Alive, yes,
But real, too.
“Take heart, dear heart!” I cry.

I wish my words
I wish my words meant this.

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The Same Moon

In Between

I was cold, I was freezing
Teeth chattering, nose running,
Red cheeks, numb toes
Still I ran

The dry pine I trampled felt like ice shards
The trees glistened beneath their own long shadows
I stopped at the edge
My sock tore as I skidded against the rock
And I looked up

Home and its warm hearth and welcome behind
The canyon and its blue valley ahead
I pulled my thin sleeves as long as they’ll go
And wrapped my arms around myself
Still my gaze was up

They said the ancients met god here
Then the settlers made camps and dug holes and built walls
Scientists came out here with their scopes and toys
Followed by the hippies and mystics looking for signs
Then me, maybe a combination of them all, an heiress

Wherever you were tonight, without home nor hearth, valley nor canyon
I knew you were looking…

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Would You

Come Answer the questions – Would You!!

In Between

When the coffee runs out
Would you brew a cup of tea with me?

When the money goes thin
Would you dream in gold with me?

When it begins to storm
Would you come out and watch the lightning with me?

When the lights go out
Would you come find the beauty with me?

When we can’t hear the music anymore
Would you still dance with me?

When we forget how to laugh
Would you cry with me?

When the governments collapse
Would you raise a flag with me?

When famine overtakes us
Would you share your last meal with me?

When the stars disappear
Would you make constellations with me?

When the world burns
Would you watch the fireworks with me?

When the lands flood
Would you climb to the highest peak and dive in with me?

When the world is dying
Would you hold my hand until we…

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Poetry Plus – Do not go gentle into that good night – A poem by Dylan Thomas


Art, Music, Photography, Poetry and Quotations

© Jo Saurin, Death of Actaeon, after Titian

‘Do not go gentle into that good night’ – by Dylan Thomas

Winter’s Rays Death Barbed

Winter’s rays death barbed
How night’s sorrow bitter weeps
Darkness furnaced burns

Dylan Thomas (1914-1953) Welsh poet and prose writer whose work is known for its comic exuberance, rhapsodic lilt, and pathos. Thomas’ writing, with its intense lyricism and highly charged emotion, has much in common with the Romantic tradition.

Poem Attribution © Dylan Thomas, Do not go gentle into that good night

Source Attribution

Senryu Attribution Goff James, Winter’s Rays Death Barbed

More senryū poems by Goff James

Painting Attribution © Jo Saurin, Death of Actaeon, after Titian, (Date Unstated)

Source Attribution

Bio Reference Attribution and

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