A bittersweet goodbye..


(Johnnie, at Fort Ord, Ca. 1992. Poem written in 1982)

A bittersweet goodbye

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Goodbyes are necessary. Need closure to all things." 

   Bittersweet closure

“I walked up to her house.
I celebrated one year with this young woman.
In the comfort of her small apartment.
We learned passion and hate.”

An angelic face answered the door.
She asked me. Why did I come?
She fell into my arms.

I was leaving the Army.
Three years in the beauty and elegance
of Germany was coming to the end.

I told her. I came for closure.
My beautiful Daniela took me to
heaven and hell.

We entwined two lives for a year.
Her beauty enchanted my heart.
We reached the pinnacle of passion.
A million sweet kisses and thousand
words of love.

Now she is crying.
Her new love is dead.
I whispered I didn’t want…

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Merry Christmas and thank you…


Merry Christmas and Thank you

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Merry Christmas my friends. I wish you a safe, fun and Merry Christmas." 

                            Merry Christmas

  A man came to my door. He looked safe. He requested food for the people in  need. I gave him some can goods and I offered some money. He turn down the money and he smiled and he told me a short story.

“Years ago I went house to house looking for kindness.
After 20 houses.
I was rejected 20 times.
I turned and a mother and a daughter brought food and coffee to me.
On the cold street of a Michigan Winter.
I learn.
Still kind people are left.
The little girl asked me because of my long brown hair and kind eyes.
Was I Jesus testing the hearts of people?
I told her.
We shall never know when Jesus will…

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42 Words- Idols

Keep it alive

Deb Whitman is the host of 42 Words

This week’s theme is … IDOLS Yep, idols. Really there’s not much more I can say than that. Idols it is. Idols in all shapes, sizes and representations. An idol you like as long as you limit yourself to 42 words


Payingrespect to false idols

And yet expecting things to improve

Look down, see feet of clay

Look in their eyes and see Betrayal

Your deity lives within your heart

Look inside, not outwards for help

Just wish for help with sincerity

42 Words




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Winter is a Girl

Written in Blue Mercury

(photo by author of niece)

spring is in a young girl’s step
when everything is green
summer is a girl who plays in the sun
autumn is a girl preparing for the harvest
winter is when summer and autumn
stay warm inside by the fire
waiting for the step of spring to return
if winter were a girl she would be cold
and would need to be held
I cannot find her
because of the snow storm
if she is outside
she would be doubly cold
and need to be doubly held
I must go now
and look for winter

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