Close my eyes.. Ozzy and Lita Ford too.


  Close my eyes

My rock and roll lady,

we were rage, hate and anger,

we were going to be great storms,

we had youth as our wealth and we loved the night.

Once we were the brave ones,

we escape to California.

We danced with the sea,

drank the tequila dried and we had enough.

We forgot to obey the call to love,

we forgot the dreams of youth,

we fell into the shit of living.
Now mistress night bring your face to me,

now deadly midnight hour,

make dead man living,

wish and pray for you my rock and roll lady.

We had the songs, we had the California dream.

Now sleeping man is awaken again.

He hear the cry of the sea,

he hear the words in the song.

Now the dark Poet sit alone,

the tequila half gone in his hands and he whispered to the Pacific.

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A Monterey Summer day..


A Monterey Summer day

The poet sat alone drinking his coffee near the Monterey Bay. He was 35 years old and he felt like he had lived five lifetimes. The soldiers in his unit, they called him the old man.

He loved Monterey. In the past 14 months, he left Michigan, went to war and now he was blessed by the Pacific ocean near. He loved the lively small city, filled with musicians, writers, painters, crafters and poets. Old Monterey was one of Hemingway hangouts and he could feel the spirit of Hemingway, still in the taverns, by the sea. He loved the song of the sea-life singing day and night, their song to the sea and to their love.

He was waiting for Bernadette. She was a fair-skin woman who drawn the tourist faces for cash. She painted Big Sur and Monterey for pleasure and profit. She was a herbalist…

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You don’t love me no-more


You don’t love me no-more…..

Tonight she wanted to be beautiful, she shaved her legs and she wore her lace black stocking. She have been feeling lonely and she wanted someone to see her. She fixed her hair with a gentle brush, brushing slow and easy, allowing her hair to fall into her back. She looked in the mirror and her green eyes looked so heavy with sadness and she wished, she could taste the need of love someone again.

It was a Friday night and she knew, the poet Johnnie, would be drinking the three dollar Long Ice teas till nine pm at the Belton dance hall. She would wear her tight red dress and she told the face in the mirror. Sometimes, somethings we can’t forgive. Maybe the Texas night will allow a wish or a miracle?

She left her house at seven pm and she drove to…

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Simply Amazing


Walt's Writings

Simply Amazing

She carries the load
and never complains

she cooks and cleans
takes cares of the bills

feeds all the animals
is a nurse to sick family members

she works to help with expenses
is the family chauffeur

she gets tired
falls asleep watching TV

never complains about
her own aches and pains

she is a wife, a mother,
a grandmother and aunt

she is a daughter and a sister
she is all of these and so much more

she is
simply amazing

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2020 All Rights Reserved

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